UPDATED: Ring o’ death round three – truly the death of me

It’s been awhile since I last blogged, but I have my reasons. Mainly Christmas. Exhaustion, perhaps. Rather, the kind of exhaustion that comes with extreme laziness, which I have also been experiencing as of late. Which is definitely the direct result of having no structured schedule of any sort. You’d think extended time off would make for bliss and joy, yet it has only led to my personal discomfort and despair. What am I to do with the rest of my life?

Make karaoke vlogs with my fellow fabulous bloggers, that’s what. (My 16-year-old self [above] visibly displayed doubts about her future after high school, but look where she ended up. The interwebs. Side note: I distinctly remember asking the woman who took these idiotic cap and gown pictures if I looked like a moron. She said I looked great. Thanks.)

I digress wholely. You might recall last month’s go-round at the vlogring, which was show tune-themed. Lots of happy melodies with la-dee-das, hand claps and frolicking about. This month is f*cking different. Pardon my language– I tend not to use words more offensive than “poop” or “butt” around here, because I try to appeal to a wide variety of readers, and I’d also like to be seen as responsible and wholesome to potential employers. But this month’s theme just so happens to be the opposite of the show tuneyness because our song choices must include the word “f*ck.” Ooooh, fun. I was hesitant to join in because of my blog’s language limitations, but then I said f*ck it. Anyone who would stop reading my blog/not employ me because I use the dirty word doesn’t sound like someone I’d want to entertain/be employed by.

But it certainly helps that I get to host a blogger who made an excellent song choice. Meet Lorraine from Late to the Party. Below, she sings for us a little bit of Maroon 5. I love Maroon 5. (What female doesn’t love Maroon 5?) Lorraine rocks it with hooker heels, sunglasses at night and mad video editing skills. Thank you, dear Lorraine, for keeping it both audibly and visually entertaining.

So without further f*cking ado (how’s that for an intro, Lor?), here’s the lovely Lorrain with Maroon 5’s “Makes Me Wonder.”

UPDATE: I’m a little bitter after making a million attempts to succesfully record and upload a video for this month’s round only for the video to be lost somewhere on the interwebs. So you can watch my video here, instead. Because I’m a big loser. Check out the master list at Sara Swears A Lot for more fun. Ugh… going to bed now.

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  1. I want to like hang out with you now…like more than before I mean.

  2. You TOTALLY can’t tell it’s me, right??

    “and we hate that person anyways”


    Can we be friends? Now? Please? 🙂

  3. First, LOVE those shoes!! Every damn pair!

    Second, your dancing is to die for… If I have one complaint, it is that there wasn’t more dancing.

    Nice performance, Lor!!!

  4. Love the dancing!! And you have amazing shoes!! I usually like a song so much more when it has the “f” word in it! Thanks for including the outtakes again 🙂

  5. HIGH 5!

  6. Oh yeah, outtakes are the best! Love them!!

  7. Both of you crazy rocked your songs.

    Love the hooker heels.

    And the grad hat was the perfect touch 😉

  8. Thank you to everyone who lied to me- I MEAN- said something nice about my video.

    Cassie, you killed it. No, seriously, you rocked my socks, even while you were dancing like Shallow Hal. It’s an honor being on top of you. 😉

  9. Cassie, I was totes going to do this song, and I changed my mind… So glad I did, ‘cuz you rocked it!! Very nice!!

    Plus, I liked Shallow Hal.

  10. Cassie, you are fucking hilarious. And you sound really good singing this! And your facial expressions are amazing, by the way.

  11. This is totally my song! I did it for the 90s karaoke!

  12. And I thought I commented on this about Lor. Hmmm. Anyway this is my new theme song and what size shoes to you wear so I can steal them.

  13. Lor – one of my favorite bands, I am huge Maroon 5 fan. great song

    Cassie – you show that youtube girl, attitude haha

  14. We both worse sun glasses! We rule. You are too cute.

  15. “Do I look like a moron?” Ha!

  16. forever my best friend. for. ever.

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