Karaoke time in the season of lerv

Shockingly, it’s already been a month since LAST month’s Karaoke Ring of Death, and this month we’ve got a theme with tons of potential songs to sing, promising for a very interesting round indeed. We’re doing Love Songs/Anti-Love Songs for the month of February. That’s right– either one (or in some people’s cases, both)!

This month, I’m hosting Lorn from Czech You Later. This is Lorn’s first time participating in the KROD, and she’s chosen an Adam Sandler love song, straight out of the movie The Wedding Singer. It’s a sweet song, and Lorn and her special guest make it even sweeter!

Also, make sure you check out my passionate Steven Tyler impression at Alexandra’s blog at The Tsaritsa Sez. Chick’s awesome, so you’ll want to check out her blog anyway, but what was essentially my informal American Idol audition should be some added incentive for you.

Make sure you refresh Sara’s blog at Sara Swears A Lot for the updated master list of videos. Sara once again put KROD together for us all, so she’s the one you should be thanking for having your ears blessed with such melodies. Thank you, Miss Sara.

And finally– Lorn!

hey all… this is lorn from czech you later and i’m super thankful to my host cassie! this is my first foray into karaoke blogging, but i was pretty excited to participate after my friend jimmie (from tales of a traveling texan) posted her awesome video last month. although i was a little bummed to miss last month’s theme, there were still plenty of good choices for this one! i originally had wanted to choose “somebody kill me” from the wedding singer (so i could kinda combine jan and feb’s themes), but then i decided maybe something a little less crass was actually a good idea…. so i ended up with a different song from the movie! 🙂 (which incidentally is one of my favorite love songs of all time.) this month my sister is visiting me here in prague, so she’s making a guest appearance in the video. she did such a great job… i wish she could be here every month… anyway, hope you guys enjoy and be sure to stop by my blog to see the dazzling vocal stylings of the adorably funny bianca (bianca and the b-sides)!

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  1. Holy crap, did my ovaries just melt? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure they did. You both have pretty voices. HOW DO THESE VIDEOS GET MORE AND MORE AMAZING??

  2. Awe! Great job! I’m actually kind of jealous that I didn’t think of that song myself…

  3. GAWD I hate you. This is so freaking good and I’m so jealous I didn’t think of that song cause I LOVE it.

    I loved this. Great job ladies. 🙂

  4. Awe, so cute. LOL, I love all the props. And is that a boy george hat? I loved the boy george guy in his band. hahah, excellent choice, ladies!

  5. This was just so sweet! I love it!

  6. Oh my God, you are both too adorable for words. And you sounded so pretty, too! I’ve never actually seen The Wedding Singer (don’t hate me), but now that I’ve seen this song, I think I need to. (Oh, and it was nice “meeting” your sister, too.)

  7. Awww, SO CUTE!! That was lovely!! I wish I had some siblings that were cool enough to participate… Glad you’ve finally joined the party!!

  8. thanks for all the sweet comments guys! it was a lot of fun participating and i’m looking forward to next month so i can do it again! haha. and sara, you definitely haaaave to watch it now. it’s one of the best!

  9. Question: are either of you single? Or can we just go out on a 2in1 kind of date??? Your voices really blend well and the song selection was very creative! Awesome job, I’m glad you joined the KBROD

  10. Hellsss yeahhhhh Wedding Singerrrr… except you guys actually *sang* rather than just talked to the camera. Woot.

  11. Yes! I would have been so disappointed if this song wasn’t done. This was fantastic, and you both sounded so adorable. 🙂

  12. That melted my heart, too!! Great song choice, and I love the intro from the movie. Damn, two Wedding Singer songs in one KROD! I LOVE IT!!!

  13. OK fuck!
    <3 the wedding singer
    <3 that song
    <3 prague

    I think I <3 you…

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