Karaoke in the style of one-hit wonders

It’s been a little while since I participated in the KROD (that’s Karaoke Ring of Death), but I’m glad to be back after a couple of months. This month’s theme was one-hit wonders, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in such awesomeness. I’m hosting K. Syrah from Shoes Never Worn. I must admit, I’d never checked out K’s blog before, but just reading her “about” section has me intrigued. She’s grown up all over the world, plus, she’s a writer. I like her already. She’s singing Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be” with a little live guitar, and her rendition makes me like her even more. You’ll have to see for yourself, but between her soothing voice, clever editing skills and the funny ending, you’ll definitely want to check out her blog.

If you want to watch my video, be warned: it is absolutely nothing like K’s video. It’s loud and shrieky for sure, but with the unrehearsed help of my two little sisters (and confused-as-hell Jack Russell terriers), it was a good time. I’m singing “Lovefool” by the Cardigans, and I’ve decided the three of us are going to start touring as the Tardigans. You can check that out at TJ’s blog, My Life in Southern California.

And make sure you visit the master list of video’s at Sara’s blog, Sara Swears a Lot.

Without further ado– K. Syrah!

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  1. Oh holy shit, that was awesome! Ughhhh I’m thinking of hijacking Daniella’s site and taking mine down!! Nice job, K. Syrah!

  2. Nice work K. Syrah, loved it.

  3. All I have to say is…tell me that we belong together.

  4. Thanks for hosting, Cassie, and thank you Bianca and Cooper!

  5. So beautiful! I might have gotten a little teary eyed watching you and your sexxxy husband sing together. You two seriously are one of the most adorable couples ever. And your voice was really pretty, too! Great song choice! 🙂

  6. Beautiful rendition of a great song. It is so fun that we had a few people go acoustic this time around. The video is great too.

  7. That was really sweet.

  8. Great job guys! That was beautiful!

  9. Amazing, stunning, fabulous. I have no more words for how much I loved this!!

  10. Wow. That was kind of amazing. Good job.

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