Interweb Finds: The power of suggestion, hell’s tornado & more

This Jimmy Kimmel Live clip, which aired before the iPhone 5 came out, is a perfect example of the power of suggestion. In it, random pedestrians are approached and asked to compare the iPhone 5 (really an iPhone 4s… because the 5 wasn’t yet available) to its predecessors. The results? Embarrassing for the duped, hilarious for the rest of us: It’s soooo much lighter/faster/bigger/better.

Here are some more of this week’s Interwebz finds for your reading and viewing pleasure:

Chances are, you’re procrastinating right this very moment (blogs are fun for that). Here, The Art of Non-Comformity‘s Chris Guillebeau suggests two simple ways of curbing your procrastination habits.

Feeling bored, stuck, sad, or just plain blah? To be honest, I kind of have been lately. The solution from The Creative Giraffe: Do something creative every day. Sounds simple, right? And totally awesome. Which is why I’m psyched to participate in the month-long (and free!) Find Your Daily Yes. Sadness = combatted. Join me.

If for some reason you don’t believe that doing something creative every day (as mentioned above) is important, read this. And this.

Mother nature continues to stun me. Check out this fire tornado that broke out in Australia last week. It is simultaneously beautiful and horrifying.

Though not exactly a natural wonder, Glass Beach just north of San Francisco is beautiful all the same. And it’s a rare instance of a landscape nearly ruined by man ultimately resulting in something worth visiting.

Any other New Girl fans out there? The show will be starting up again soon. (I so hope season two doesn’t disappoint!) Here’s an interview with Max Greenfield—the obnoxious yet adorable “Schmidt”—in Vanity Fair.

I am more than a little obsessed with Apartment Therapy‘s house tours. This L.A. couple’s home has all of my favorite design elements: lots of books, music, art, green life, and a well-stocked bar. Where’s my dinner invitation? (Make sure you click “Enter House Tour” to see all the photos!)

That’s all – hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. LOVE this blog, Cassie. Thanks – I needed it!!!

  2. Yo, I loved literally (and I am actually using that word correctly in this case, because I mean mean LITERALLY) every single thing you just posted above.

    Also, I went to see Chris Guillebeau talk about his new book a few weeks ago, in Hollywood! He seems like a really cool guy, I love the stuff he does.

    • Heck yeah for the correct usage of “literally”! And I love when I can turn my Internet fiend ways into content for an entertaining blog post!

      I spent so much time making sure I spelled CG’s last name right. He really is awesome, and I love how he hacks the credit card system to fly for free. Genius.

  3. Hey, Cassie! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Award 🙂 Hope you accept.

  4. Wow, that fire whirl. Thanks for sharing the link.

    LOVE New Girl. (Even my husband likes watching it…)

    Ronnie xo

  5. Glass Beach link just made me homesick, in a lovely way. Love New Girl and Schmidt has totally grown to be my favorite. Thanks for all the sharing!

  6. I love posts like these! Checking them out ASAP.

  7. I went and read most of these this morning. I also decided to do the Find Your Daily Yes, because I’ve been wanting to take more inspiring pictures recently instead of just random ones of my shoes or stupid faces that no one really cares about. I especially like the post written by the Brand Builder. That was so inspiring. I think I might make it my own personal manifesto. 🙂

  8. Woohoo! I am so honored to have made the list of inspirational things and to be part of combating the blah and sadness. I’m thrilled you’re joining us and can’t wait to get to know you better. xo

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