Bus to the city

When I arrived in New York City last Friday, I arrived with two goals in mind: 1) Maul my old roommate/best friend as soon as she came into sight, and 2) manage to not look like a stupid, vulnerable tourist stepping off of a double-decker Megabus. One of these things is easier than the other.

And yet, with my overnight bag in tow (which I packed like an expert), I totally looked like I knew what I was doing when I walked the six blocks or so to meet Justine at 34th and 7th. For one, I went in the right direction. (After going half a block in the wrong direction.) Looking straight ahead and walking with a purpose, I was still able to marvel at the architecture of the greatest city in the world. As I breezed past a fellow out-of-towner, looking like a rookie with her oversized rolling suitcase, a whiff of pee assaulted my nose and New York dirt blew in my eyes. Momentarily humbled, I kept walking and blinked wildly.

I was a little ahead of Justine, who took the hour-long ride in on the train from Long Island with her boyfriend, so I stepped into a coffee shop. Not one of the three Starbucks within the two-block radius. A real New York coffee shop. I plopped my bag down and ordered a smoothie, because, what the hell, right? And then I marveled some more. It was really easy to spend $26, get on a bus, and end up here. I’m pretty sure I wrote a novel in my head just sitting there. And that smoothie was delicious.

My time in the city was brief, as Justine lives on Long Island. But we had a great weekend of girly bonding time, and it was just what I needed to get out of my self-pitying, autumnal funk.

Some other things I did in New York:

– received a very positive reading from Justine’s forreal psychic aunt
– successfully packed for a weekend when temperature highs ranged everywhere from 50 to 80 degrees
– was heckled on NYC streets by a a guy who asked if I could run five miles without stopping (and ignored the temptation to say, “Yes, actually”)
– danced with minimal purposefully awful dance moves for the sake of appearing to look bad on purpose
– celebrated Justine’s birthday, which is just nine days before mine (yay Libras!)

All in all, a wonderful weekend. Between our 4 a.m. chats and the Orioles doing a darn good job of staying in the playoffs, I’ve yet to catch up on my sleep this week. But it’s all been worth it.


P.S. My usual camera store went out of business, and I’m all like, But it’s 2012, why no develop film anymoar? So film documentation of said weekend trip will have to wait until a new camera store opens up… or… something.


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  1. Ahhh, New York City. I wish I could pretend to be dignified while walking those streets. I would love to go to a ~real NYC coffee shop~ and eat a legit ~NYC pizza~ and get cussed at on the street because I’m not walking fast enough. I can’t wait to go there.

    • I got a real New York slice from Sbarro’s! Just kidding. “The Office,” anyone? From back when it was good?

      It is indeed a magical place.

  2. I’m hoping to go to New York in December; I haven’t been since I was fourteen, and I’m definitely excited to explore it as a grown up. I wanna hear about your reading! Side note: what a bizarre way to heckle someone?! It’s like they’re always trying to be weirder so that they’ll surprise you into answering.

    • No kidding! It WAS so random that he almost tricked me into answering him. Luckily, I’m awesome at avoiding eye contact.

  3. Yay for NYC! Sounds like a great time. If you can pack for temperatures that rise and fall between a thirty degree range, you’ve got it all figured out 🙂

  4. Glad to hear you had a great time in NYC!

  5. Sounds like a fun time! Good for you for beginning your adventure in a real New York Coffee Shop.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time! I love NYC – but being from the frozen Midwest, I really only visit about once every decade or so. I’ve only rode MegaBus in the U.K. and while the price was right, I would not recommend a 14 hour bus ride on a MegaBus with a boyfriend you’ve been trying to break up with for ages to anyone. Baltimore to NYC on a MegaBus . . . by yourself, sounds much more do-able. 😀 Way to go on looking all non-touristy and stuff!

    • Oh man. That sounds hellish, to put it nicely. All I had to deal with was a very quiet six-year-old who sat next to me, occasionally falling asleep and rolling her head violently.

  7. Woohoo, NYC trip! We were in the same city and because I am behind on my reading, I didn’t even know- alas. But with a $26 roundtrip-and I bet it’s less if you book way in advance, that’s megabus’ deal right?- I bet you’ll be back. Yes, the Starbucks saturation is cliche and totally true! Also, I bet the heckler was selling either comedy tickets or salon treatment- well avoided.

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