Interweb Finds: Puppy prints, YA fiction’s bad rap & more

William Wegman print

I love William Wegman. Every year, my godfather gives me signed William Wegman calendars for Christmas, because his son works with him. How wonderful is the print above? It’s exclusive for 20×200. I want it.

The other night, I had a dream I was running around in Paris (where, sadly, I’ve never been), and I was very agitated. Everywhere I went, I kept forgetting my camera, and there were scenes left and right that I was dying to capture. Clearly I didn’t learn from my dream, because on Friday, John and I went to check out author Ken Foster talk about his book, I’m a Good Doga photo-filled testament to the innate goodness of pit bulls. The talk and signing took place at Atomic Books in Hampden, which is a pretty photogenic part of town. And in the store was a man with an enormous beard, pierced ears, tattoos on his neck, and camouflage pants. In his arms, he swaddled a brand-new pit bull puppy—rolls of fat, sleepy eyes and all. Not only did I want to steal the puppy from his arms (THE UNBEARABLE CUTENESS), but I so wished I could’ve taken his picture. The tough exterior this guy possessed was in total contrast to his new-father manner toward this tiny, innocent creature, and it would’ve made for a beautiful image. But alas, I did not bring my camera, and instead I just stared at him and his dog like a crazy person. Still kicking myself.

Anyway, onto this week’s collection from the webz:

I can’t get enough of dogs. There’s a reason why—they’re better than therapy. Aaaand while we’re on the subject of puppiez, this book sounds like a good read, too.

Don’t you love when characters on TV live in places they wouldn’t be able to afford in real life? Here are five NYC apartments from TV and the real cost of rent.

It feels good to help other people. Why volunteering can make you healthier.

Here’s an article that’ll make you think—partly because the title is misleading. From NY Times, “Why I am Pro-Life.”

Whether you’re happy Obama won or bitter that Romney didn’t, this should make you laugh. Photos of Mitt Romney looking longingly at people.

THIS is what I’d like to make my cross-country trip in. And when I get to California, THIS is where I’d like to live. Thank you very much.

As the daughter of a YA fiction author, I have always enjoyed books geared toward teens. But the genre unfairly gets a bad rap from some critics. This blog post defending YA literature hits home.

Speaking of books and reading, these vintage photos of readers (pre-Kindle era) are fascinating. I love how for many, reading was a group activity.


Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. Love that print! And as for your dream, I have been having those while I was waiting for my new camera to arrive in the mail! You should definitely take the time to go to Paris one day, and pack your camera 🙂

  2. Thank god for puppies.

  3. Bahaha…Mitt Romney looking longingly. I could never figure out the right way to describe that look of his during election season; “longing” it is!

  4. I dropped off the YA bandwagon for a while. I mean, devoured Harry Potter, but other than that, I hadn’t even read a Sarah Dessen book in almost two years. So the other day I was at the bookstore and browsing the YA section. Yes, most of it was supernatural fiction, which I don’t care for after (and maybe because of) Twilight, but then I ran across the Alice books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, and, oh, nostalgia hit me hard in the face. So, yesterday I had to request some Sarah Dessen, Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Deb Caletti at the library, because it’s just been too long (aside from Harry Potter) since I’ve read some good YA books. I can’t wait till they call to tell me they’re ready! (I know, I am such a nerdy, but it’s cool.)

  5. Love that print. Neat gift of a signed calendar you receive every year! Enjoyed the look at those NYC apartments.

  6. I love love love posts that point me towards some other interesting online reads, and I also love YA, so this has worked out amazingly – thanks 🙂

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