Interweb Finds: Touring the world, men against misogyny & more

gray lewis

Today means one of three things to you: it’s the Super Bowl, it’s the Beyonce show, or it’s Sunday. Here in Baltimore, it’s the freaking Super Bowl, and the Ravens are in it to win it. Pictured above is the veteran spirit animal of the team, Gray Lewis. In celebration of tonight’s big game, John and I are firing up the deep fryer and eating wings, french fries, guacamole, and my dad’s famous seafood pasta salad. To make the celebration even sweeter, the CEO at my work gave the whole office the day off tomorrow so we could be irresponsible tonight and sleep it off tomorrow. Yeah, Baltimore doesn’t joke around with its Ravens.

Until the festivities kick off, entertain yourself with this collection of fascinating interweb finds:

Ever wonder what it’d be like to visit the Moai statues of Easter Island in Chile? What about a balloon flight in Bagan, Myanmar? These 360 degree tours of the world will blow your mind.

For more worldly inspiration, check out this tour of a renovated Brooklyn carriage house reminiscent of Bali.

This friendship between a straight woman and a gay man turned into something more—a fulfilling marriage.

The colors! The shapes! I want everything by artist Dawn Gardner.

For your daily holy shit moment: a surfer rides a record hundred-foot wave.

Stand up with me for a slow-clap. Men against assholes and misogyny.

And for your morbid curiosity fix: the fascinating (and creepy) practice of photographing the dead. Warning: some of these people look like straight-up zombies.


Also, a big thanks to everyone who voted me for 20SB’s blogger of the month! Check out my Q&A here. Happy Super Bowl Sunday, and GO RAVENS.

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  1. Love these links! That post-mortem photography is fascinating and totally creepy and the men against misogyny tumbler just warms my little heart!

  2. Well, as exciting as the game has been – I am glad your boss gave you the day off.

    Have fun!

  3. ooh! i like dawn’s work, too! thanks for sharing.
    and i say it’s definitely the beyonce show. 😉

    • Isn’t her work fantastic? I might have to treat myself to one of her prints. And I have to say, Beyonce really made me want to be Beyonce last night. Chick is badass.

  4. Great links, fizzle. Also, congrats on the win! I can only imagine how fun it’d be for the hometown team to go all the way (I wouldn’t know…fuckin’ Vikings).

  5. That’s awesome that you got the day off today–hope you had a great time celebrating!

  6. Congrats on your team winning! That’s awesome that your boss gave you guys the day off. AND congrats on being the 20SB blog of the month! You deserve it!

  7. Gray Lewis, hahahahaha.

    Glad B-more won!! For some reason the fact that California has sports teams just pisses me off. It just doesn’t fit.

    • HAH, I kinda know what you mean, strange as that is. I always thought it was weird L.A. didn’t have a football team… until I realized how weird that idea sounded.

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