Through the Lens: photos from March

through the lens outtakes

March was an interesting month. I felt like I was in a holding pattern pretty consistently throughout, just waiting for someone to tell me how the rest of the year would pan out. I spent the majority of the month toiling over the site redesign, often getting so frustrated with code that I wouldn’t touch it for a couple days in a row. Did I mention I’m not a designer? There were times when I really wanted to give up. But then, I would figure out something as simple as getting the body text justified (to the left, to the right—see those smooooth edges?) and treat it as one of my life’s greatest victories—and then go back to lamenting over Google fonts and incompatible browser issues.

But, as you see, I figured it out for the most part! I’m scrappy like that. And it wasn’t all torture. As you can tell from the photos above and below, there were some fun parts about (re)branding this here space. All the new photos of me you see around the blog were taken by John, whom I corralled into acting as my professional photographer in an afternoon conveniently scheduled after a fresh haircut. (This had to be done properly.) Of course, there were outtakes. I don’t take myself too seriously.

outtakesAnd even though March was so busy that I almost kinda forgot to actually come up with new content ahead of time—as I’ve grown accustomed to doing—I didn’t forget to take pretty pictures. Due to my obsession with the new Nikon, it had been awhile since I took out the Minolta, so I decided to mix it up and do a little bit of film and digital—the best of which are featured in this month’s photo round-up:

by the water

portrait dramatic lighting

girl and dogThe two photos above are of my youngest sister, Elsbeth (11), who asked me to take some shots that would go in her fifth grade graduation slideshow. I was honored to do so, and Iris was elated to make a guest appearance.

Baltimore Normal's book store

Baltimore Normal's book store Baltimore Normal's book store Baltimore Normal's book storeNormal’s book store, pictured above, is a Baltimore landmark. John traded a bunch of books for a bunch more as I contemplated buying one of those cool dinosaur reads. I was happy to see my girl Patti Smith front and center in the vinyl collection.

Out-of-character (and out of morbid curiosity), we ventured downtown on Saint Patrick’s Day and shared a few drinks with my dad. I say “morbid curiosity” because holy crap, Baltimore gets sloppy. (But what American city doesn’t on such a revered cultural holiday… I mean excuse to get drunk?) Great for people-watching, though. Plus, I made friends with some drunk girls in the bathroom, which is just a thing us girls seem to do.

dog on Saint Patrick's Day Canton Saint Patrick's Day Baltimore rowhome Fells Point facade

Baltimore rowhomeThe door made of plywood on that rowhome doesn’t exactly sum up Baltimore, but it is so very Baltimore. And those crazy building facades, with nothing but sky behind the windows? I guess I missed the memo on that one. But good for Fells Point for preserving the history while they fix things up. Oh, and that’s the Virgin Mary in the background of the last shot, FYI.

Even though it was cold the last couple times we ventured downtown, I so wanted to explore more of the city streets and take tons of photos. The places that I think would make for some of the most interesting compositions are also, coincidentally, often the most dangerous parts of town, so I don’t take my chances. But the architecture, the mural art, the grit, and the faces all around the city are so photogenic. I can never leave my camera at home.

As yet another month races out the door, I readily embrace April. It probably won’t be any less hectic than March, but I’m hoping it will finally bring some warm weather around. In true spring cleaning fashion, I want to get busy paring down on all the crap I own. For such a tiny (and usually tidy) above-the-garage bedroom, I sure have a lot of unnecessary stuff in it. Hopefully a less cluttered home will make for a less cluttered mind, because I’m ready to get some freelancing biz going. What do you have going on in April?

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  1. That bookshop looks amazing! I’d love to get lost in there.

  2. You’re probably used to hearing this but you are absolutely gorgeous! I am also liking the ambiance of the bookstore.

    For April, it’s going to consist of my birthday celebration and I will be apartment hunting for my big move for grad school. It is exciting but nerve wracking! 🙂

  3. Love Love Love the Baltimore pictures, and your shoes (heels?) in the first couple of flicks. The perspective you have when the camera is in your hands is wonderful! I can picture you standing in the streets looking around and really analyzing the surrounding features!

    • Those are my favorite shoes of all time. At 4 inches, they’re really practical, too. 😉 And thanks – I just love getting a great shot.

  4. Drunk bonding in the girls’ bathroom is my favorite. And ahhh, those photos of your little sister are so cute! I really like the photo of the sun shining on the water behind the fence up at the top. And I ALSO love the shots of you. Beautiful, and so much sass =]

  5. Oh hey, supermodel. I love that first shot. The one of your sister and Iris is gorgeous too!

    You should have a clothing swap to help with the spring pare down! Although, beware doing this with friends with great style or you can end up taking just as much as you’ve gotten rid of.

    • I’ve always wanted to do a clothing swap and never have! It’s a great idea. But yeah, I have a feeling I wouldn’t really clear out much space in my closet. 😉

  6. Cassie my dahhling, you have such a lovely eye for photography.

  7. The shots of your sister are adorable and I love it when people photograph city life.

    In April, I should partake in spring cleaning and do a ton of other things. It’s going to be crazy for me. I wish you the best of luck with freelancing.

    • Thanks! Good luck with your spring cleaning. I’m getting geared up to do the same… it’s long overdue.

  8. I love that grainy shot of inside the bookstore, of course. 🙂

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