Interweb Finds: A painted desert, the truth about mental illness & more

Momma & me the summer before I went to college

Momma & me the summer before I went to college

Oh man. I felt like I let out the deepest sigh (what? Did you think I was going to say fart?) going into this weekend, and I really had the chance to enjoy it. I helped John work on his next album cover design, met a friend downtown for her birthday, and spent some time drafting a post for a major announcement on Tuesday. That’s right, guys—I’ve hinted a few times at a secret to be revealed, and I’m just about ready to tell you what I’ve been scheming. And let me tell you, this is big. That is, in fact, what she said. So keep your eyes peeled.

But first, your regularly scheduled Interweb Finds post and a shout-out to the mommas of the world, particularly mine. I’ll be taking my deserving mom out to lunch today and then sending her off to a surprise location for some me-time. Or her-time, as it were.

Now for this week’s links!

A gorgeous essay on bipolar disorder and how it’s treated in society (via Lauren). This made me cry.

For a lighter take on mental illness, Allie of the popular blog, Hyperbole and a Half, is back with a brilliant post on her experience with depression (which is funny in a way only she can make it).

UM. Take me here: Salvation Mountain is a magical painted place in the middle of the Southern Californian desert. It’s so insane it’s almost like a mirage.

Girly moment. I found this tote via Jess Lively and am hoping someone will buy it for me, thanks. (The expense is justified—these bags are made by Ugandan women to help pay for their education.)

This article says Millennials are screwed. What?! No, but it’s a good thing. Here’s what the dismal economy has taught us about happiness.

So cool. A photographer took portraits of these four sisters every year for 36 years.

Lastly, Happy Mother’s Day! Author Anne Lamott’s essay on why she hates Mother’s Day. (It’s sweeter than it sounds, I swear.)

That’s all for this week. If you’re lucky enough to have a mom, go tell her you love her. If you don’t, go tell any mom you know that she’s awesome. See you all here on Tuesday for the big surprise! NO BUT REALLY. IT’S KIND OF A BIG DEAL.

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  1. Dude, I have been wanting to go to Salvation Mountain for awhile now! It’s near the Salton Sea, which I TOTALLY want to go camping at sometime soon. Same with Joshua Tree. So many fun places to be explored in the desert!

    • Yessss! John and I are hoping to camp at Joshua Tree as our last stop before we get to L.A. Such magical places out there. 🙂

  2. Also, Hyperbole & A Half…that blog. Her posts about her dogs? I remember laughing until I cried. She is so funny. I had no idea all of that was going on with her…but that post about depression hit the nail on the head. I’m making Toby read it so he can understand my lows a little better (I figure it has pictures, so he’ll be more motivated to read all the way to the end than he would be if it was just words).

    • Love her. Her explanation was just so spot-on, and I think probably one of the best ways you could explain to someone else how you’re feeling when you’re depressed. (The pictures definitely help.)

  3. It was so exciting to see that Allie of Hyperbole & a Half is back. Yay!!

  4. You always share such a wonderful collection of links, I need to start preparing more time to dive into them all.

    • Thanks, Alice! I love the web finds. It always makes me realize just how much greatness there is to be read online (that has nothing to do with Facebook).

  5. Great compilation of links!

    I liked that article about Millennials. Incidentally, I just read the TIME Magazine article written by Joel Stein (Yes, the one with the cover of the girl taking a selfie that was photographed by Andrew B. Myers.), and while the title of his write-up was incredibly misleading, he pretty much points out the same things, and ends the article on a positive note. Reading these two articles made me realise that we’ll all be okay in the end.

    Also, thank you so much for sharing the awesomeness that is Salvation Mountain. What a beautiful location. That’s definitely going on my travel bucket-list.

    Have a great week ahead!

    • I’ll have to read that article. I really appreciated the overall positive point of this article. Our generation’s expectations and desires have changed… I think ultimately for the better.

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