Interweb Finds: Self-portraits on drugs, advice on success & more

By the time most of you read this, I’ll be strung out on Vicodin mourning the loss of my nonessential and expensive-to-remove wisdom teeth. Hopefully I don’t come to know regret and despair like this chick. But if you see any crazy tweets from me tomorrow, just know it’s the Vicodin talking.

So yes, I’m back from a wonderful and sunny family vacation, and now it’s time for surgery, rest, and then the last bit of packing. Here are this week’s links to make your Monday a little more special:

Awhile back, I answered a few questions for Aimee about female empowerment, living simply, and more. Check out the interview on EcoGrrl.

An eye-opening recount of the recent anti-choice legislation hearing in Texas from a pro-choice supporter:

“If Republican Pat Fallon, for instance, gave a shit about the life of the fetus, he wouldn’t have spent the entire eight hours of debate sneaking potato chips from a manila envelope, doing bizarre little dances from his chair, and brandishing a yardstick like a play sword to poke his buddies in the butt as they walked by. But Rep. Pat Fallon wasn’t actually fighting for the life of anything but his own political career. And all he had to do to accomplish that goal was to ignore every logical argument, compassionate plea, and harrowing anecdote delivered that night, just plug his fat little ears and pretend he was back in the frat house. Mission accomplished.”

Both fascinating and terrifying—self-portraits by an artist who used a different drug every day.

These dresses move and light up when you look at them. (Creepy and beautiful!)

Feel like a nap after that crab-stuffed salmon dinner? Resist the urge. Walking after a meal is good for your digestion.

51 entrepreneurial women in the music business offer up their advice on success. Though some of it is specific to the biz, the messages behind their words are universal.

Seven brutally honest rejection letters.

This video will blow your mind. Look what happens to salt when you put it on a surface and alter the vibrating frequencies.

That’s all from me for at least a couple of days. I’ll be posting up in bed while John lifts all of the heavy stuff into our shipping container. Convenient, no? Happy Monday!

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  1. Sending you get well soon vibes! Getting mine removed was an ordeal and a half, thank god I had Magic School Bus and pain meds to get me through the tough times. That and milkshakes. Lots of milkshakes.

    • Ermagherd, what a wonderful excuse for milkshakes this week has been. Luckily so far, it hasn’t been too much of an ordeal (just a pain in the ass…er, mouth), but enough of one to warrant no less than four milkshakes. 7-11’s free Slurpee day was also a blessing.

  2. Those self portraits on drugs are insane! Yet kind of amazing too…

    • No kidding! They’re frightening and yet so incredible. It’s like that guy had a few dozen artists inside of him.

  3. hope the recovery is going well!

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