S’mores and sparks

July 4th

I spent this Fourth of July in North Carolina watching fireworks by the bayside after an obligatory session with some s’mores. My sisters and I experimented with sparklers and long exposures, and this is what we got:

July 4th July 4th


America, I’ll be seeing a lot of you soon. Asheville, Nashville, Memphis, Amarillo, Santa Fe, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Joshua Tree, Los Angeles…and a whole lot in between.

Any of my fellow bloggers along the way? And, if you’re ‘murrican, where and how did you celebrate your independence? Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy your long weekend. More excitement to come in the next couple weeks as I document my tour along the southern cross-country route!

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  1. Those long-exposure shots are beautiful.. I’ve always wanted to experiment with my camera and some sparklers! You’ve convinced me to try it someday soon!

    • You absolutely should! It was easier than I expected. Just turn off all the lights, keep the camera on a steady surface, and make that shutter speed real slow. So much fun!

  2. Happy trails, foo. =]

  3. I’m in Vegas. It’s hotsy-totsy here.

  4. Your roadtrip sounds like a blast! I’ve always wanted to drive across the southwest. If you have any detours in Chicago (wink wink), there are tons of happy hours to welcome you.

    • I wish! I went to Chicago when I was a kid, but I’d love to go back. Happy hours are kind of the best.

  5. Happy road-tripping! As Alicia says…when in Chicago!! We did a big BBQ and three days of fireworks, hot dogs, and anniversary celebrating. My favorite week of the entire year!

    • Ahhh that sounds amazing!! I love me some BBQ. 🙂 This 4th of July definitely goes down in history as one of my favorites.

  6. I love long exposure! :p

    I was at my cousin’s house for the fourth of July, and the third. We went to some birthday party/thing to also watch fireworks. It was alright; I tend to care more about the photography moments I couldn’t capture due to my camera not being fancy-schmancy than actually watching the fireworks, because it’s just more fun to me to take pictures instead of enjoying the actual scene in the picture.

    • Haha I can be like that, too. I made sure to take breaks in between picture-taking to actually enjoy the fireworks because after awhile, all the pictures start to look the same anyway.

  7. I spent the 4th with my siblings watching The Walking Dead marathon and pigging out. It was glorious.

    Road trips are always fun, I hope you’ll be blogging while you make the trek 🙂

    • That sounds lovely. Pigging out is my favorite part of any holiday. 😉

      And I will absolutely be blogging during the trip. I can’t WAIT.

  8. Just got back from a trip half way across country and around and back (TX to FL). Looking forward to hearing your stories from the road! Safe travels!

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