The new apartment

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Yesterday, John and I went for a run in our new neighborhood. We went down our street then took a detour through the hills and gawked at the fancy homes. From an overlook, we could see downtown in the hazy distance and the Hollywood sign nearby. Later, we walked to Trader Joe’s. WALKED. Less than a third of a mile from our Silver Lake apartment.


Almost one month exactly after leaving home in Baltimore, we found our new home in Los Angeles. The search was not without a lot of stress, anxiety, and heartache. We looked at no less than 30 apartments. Some of them were adorable on the inside, as long as you could ignore the sketchy trash- and graffiti-ridden street. Others were advertised as “amazing,” “beautiful,” and “charming”—words thrown around very loosely on Craigslist—only for us to arrive and walk around a dirty unit with crumbling floors and pee in the toilet. Then, there were the two or three apartments we had our hearts set on but were scooped up by other applicants. Did I question this move? Yep. Did I want to cut my financial losses and move back home? I thought about it. Did everything work out the way it was supposed to? Yes. All around, it was a pretty important lesson on faith and positivity, because now that we’re finally feeling settled in the new place, I feel a lot more optimistic about our ongoing job searches.

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L.A. is a rough city. I knew that before coming here, but only in a vague, abstract sort of way. No matter how hard you study the map trying to understand where all the neighborhoods are in relation to one other, you can’t see the distinctions between safe and unsafe. Between gritty and golden. Between gentrification and bitterness. Once on the ground, we figured out very quickly where we did and didn’t want to live. Silver Lake—a neighborhood famous for its vintage shops, rolling hills, and thriving arts scene—was at the top of our list. And I’m so thankful we found this gem in our budget.



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We still have a lot to do. The job search is proving to be nearly as difficult as finding an apartment was, and we’ll be receiving bills in the mail before long. Orientation for grad school starts tomorrow and I’ll soon be on a crazy schedule. But if we could make it through all the ups and downs of the past month while technically homeless, we can navigate the next steps just fine. Keep you posted, as usual.


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  1. So glad that you were able to find a place! Congrats!

  2. Your new place is adorable! Glad you were able to find something. Best of luck with grad school orientation! Miss ya around these parts! 🙂

  3. The place looks genuinely cute, Mlle Cass! The spot’s full of light, and you’ve even got green things all around you. Oh, and I like that we can all see your reflection in your front-window glass.

  4. Congrats on the apartment and good luck with school and job-searching! The trouble with change and adventure is that there are a lot of trials involved. Way to go for sticking it out!

  5. Your apartment looks truly charming–not just the Craigslist kind! The pops of color throughout just scoop up the sunshine, especially the green backsplash in the kitchen. Hope you’re settling in well and good luck with your job hunt!

  6. The hard parts over; or the hard parts just about to begin, but that’s exciting. 🙂 Loving the golden tree ornament btw.

  7. Congrats on your new home! 🙂 And best of luck with your new life!!

  8. Congrats! Our bathrooms look similar- down to the pastel tile and the navy-and-white shower curtain. Cute place!

  9. loving all of that bright tile! so glad you go settled, let Laura know if you need anything out that way 🙂 sending more positive vibes your way!

  10. Yesss, the pink and green tile! Love it. Our tile is blue and pink. And you have a “1/2” (just accidentally typed that as “2/3”) address! I love those. So glad you’re finally getting settled! Excited to see your new digs…maybe now I’ll actually go to Silver Lake. Let’s go to Mohawk Bend!

  11. I’m so glad you find a nice place! From the pictures you posted, it looks really cute.

  12. Very cute! Glad you guys could find a place in an area you like. Congrats!

  13. That place looks great! 🙂 I’m glad you found such a nice apartment.

    Good luck with your job hunt. I know it can be stressful, but I’m sure that if when you stay positive and patient, something’s bound to come up sooner than later.

    Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures 🙂

  14. Congrats and good luck on the job searches!

  15. This is awesome!!! I can recommend you at my work if you’d like. Cute place!

  16. So glad you’re getting settled. We’re still in the post-move financial crunch up here, but we’re definitely getting the hang of everything. Keep us posted.

  17. congratulations, cassie! your new home looks beautiful – and so do you!

  18. You’ve got the worst bit over now, having a home and your own space will make the job hunting that much easier. Hope orientation went well; yay new home, yay lovely neighbourhood and yay everything slotting into place.

  19. It looks like a cozy little bungalow…I love it!

  20. WOW!! How stunningly PERFECT!!! The picture of John playing guitar (with your feet in the foreground) is amazing. You are both so creative and talented, your life in L.A. will be the awesome start of a great tapestry. Enjoy!! Love you…..

  21. I’m so glad you guys found such a lovely spot to rest your heads while you sort out your next steps. And I LOVE that glass giraffe! Though I’d be terrified of breaking him.

  22. Brave! Wonderful! (I’m) Jealous! Keep up the hope — and I hope the hardest part is behind you!

  23. It’s so pretty!!

    The contents of your closet make me think I need to seriously purge some of the stuff in mine.

  24. Welcome HOME! Your apartment looks lovely and light filled and ready for home-making. Sort of in love with that pink tile in your bathroom – it totally reminds me of my grandmother’s bathroom growing up. Dig on the vintage charm.


  25. You’ve got this. Just keep the faith (and for a laugh, watch Keeping the Faith with Jenna Elfman).

  26. Yay! I’m so glad y’all were able to find this apartment! It looks so cozy and adorable. I really like the color plate of the place. Feels very California. Good luck finding jobs! I know it will work out for you two!

  27. Congratulations on finding a place to live! It looks like a cute little place. c: I really hope that the job searches go well and that some kind of results come in soon!

  28. Bookmarked this at work and completely forgot to get back to it 🙁
    Congrats on the new digs and finding a place in the neighborhood you wanted (I think living in a great neighborhood makes a huge difference). I know you were stressing out over finding the right place–I’m so happy you were able to do that, within your budget, and exactly where you wanted to be. It’s fate. I have no doubt the two of you will also find jobs in due time. I’m excited for you, admire your courage in doing this, and look forward to reading future posts about LA living. Good luck to you both! (Also that photo of you two is perfect.)

  29. yay! you found a place! i love it – it’s so cute. silverlake is a great area. we’re in studio city and we really want to move to los feliz. it’s so hard to find something in our budget 🙂 i’m glad you found such a cute place. are there any openings?! 🙂 🙂 🙂 do you recall who the renters are (your apt manager)? i’m always looking online!

    where are you goin to grad school, and what for? how great!

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