Endless summer soundtrack


It’s mid-September in Los Angeles, but I’d be oblivious to the impending official end of summer if it weren’t for the sky that darkens just a little earlier each day and the Facebook posts from everyone back home about the fall-like weather (and subsequent pumpkin spice lattes). Usually by this time of year, my tan has already faded, and I’m wishing for just a few extra weeks of a sweaty Maryland summer. I always did have just a touch of seasonal depression, no matter how much I enjoyed football, beef stew, and fall fashion.

But this September, I’m not putting away the sundresses. I’m as tan as I would be if I spent a solid week at the beach. And even being very much in back-to-school mode, I don’t have the same blues I’ve always associated with it. It truly feels like the Endless Summer.

That’s not to say that life is perfect in Los Angeles. Every day has its own struggles. Being away from family isn’t easy, but at least I got to watch my sister open presents on her 12th birthday via FaceTime. The continuous search for employment can be a serious source of anxiety at times, but I know we’ll find work eventually; in the meantime, I’m just happy to be spending so much time with John. Whenever petty worries about cars, phones, or bills arise, some tragic news story pops up and gives us a heavy dose of perspective. By comparison, we’re living the dream. And in a lot of ways, we really are.

The following playlist is a culmination of memories and feelings associated with this summer of anticipation, exploration, and arrival. Most of these songs played through the car speakers more than once as we leisurely made our way across the country, and they’ll forever be ingrained in my mind as the soundtrack of an epic, endless summer.

So here’s to bathing suits, gas money, sunglasses, water jugs, pit stops, motel sheets, coffee shops, photo ops, Google maps, guitar pics, campfires, bike rides, time zones, calls home, L.A. traffic, and living to tell the tale. And wherever you are, may your summer be as endless as mine.

Tracklist: John Mancini Band – Shangri-la | Allah Las – Busman’s Holiday | The Band – Don’t Do It |Charles Bradley – Why Is It So Hard | Neil Young – Cinnamon Girl | Sam Phillips – Signal | White Denim – Burnished | Dire Straits – Wild West End

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  1. Amen.

  2. Oh! I remember when I first moved to California — all the endless waves of emotions. Excitement, worry, anxiety, amazement, missing family… so so much. Always a roller coaster. However, I quickly got accustomed to the change and I absolutely love it here. I love that you said you two are “living the dream” because that it is the same thought that has gotten me through so many difficult moments… I have to stop and think: OMG. Me, little southern girl who never traveled outside of the Mississippi, is living in freaking CALIFORNIA. 🙂 I definitely think I’m living the dream.

    Anyways! Sorry to ramble. I am just excited for you and the new experiences you will have. Also really loving the playlist. I am currently compiling a mixtape of Blogger’s favorite song from this summer. I’d love it if you would join in! 🙂

    • I loooove reading about other bloggers’ experiences doing the same thing. Makes the whole thing seem so much less overwhelming. We ARE living the dream!

      And I would be psyched to join in on the bloggers’ mixtape! Let me know what you need from me and I’d be happy to send it along. 🙂

  3. We’re stretching out the end of summer over here this weekend down-state for a double set by Yo La Tengo at a total dive bar. What what Motel 6 sexiness. The next day we’re admittedly hitting up an cidery in the area, though…so, I guess it’s a toss-up between Fall and Summer here – which I can get down with.

    Love that sunset. The sky just never gets old, does it?

  4. Will be playing this tomorrow morning while I lounge around my house and clean. Fall won’t fully arrive in Florida until late October but I’m used to it. While I sip pumpkin-flavored everything I just conveniently forget it’s 95F outside and that kind of helps (not really).

    • Hey, whatever works to get you in the fall groove. I’ll admit, I’ve found myself in jeans on a couple of 80 degree days wondering… why? But it’s ’cause it’s fall!

  5. i’m not ready for summer to end!

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