Fall weather (and Halloween!) in Los Angeles

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It actually feels like fall in Los Angeles this week, and instead of being bummed about it (like I would at home, where it’s cold for a solid six months out of the year), I’m actually sort of excited. Call it nostalgia for changing seasons, but I’m happy to break out the long sleeves and boots in late October. Especially since it’ll get warm again anyway, and then I’ll laugh all the way to the beach.

For tomorrow’s Halloween festivities, I’ll be donning a headdress and my mom’s circa-1988 dress that I wore a few years ago:


Yes. I packed both of those ridiculous things and brought them all the way across the country with me. And tomorrow, I will justify my having done so. (I don’t feel the need to justify repeating this costume. I think the outfit speaks for itself.)

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays (though nothing tops Thanksgiving), because it’s exactly two weeks after my birthday, and it’s something to look forward to when the days start getting shorter and colder. It’s a day when a semi-introvert like me can wear something as ridiculous as the above with abandon. And, uh, the candy. Let’s not forget the candy.

So, I want to know two things about you:

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? And what’s your favorite candy? (Mine’s Reese’s cups.)

Have a happy Halloween, and I’ll soon have more pictures to share with you in this space.


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  1. Kit Kats. They’ve got a chocolate crunchy taste that makes my day.

    If I were you, I’d recycle that costume every year- it is epic! This year, my sister and I are going as duelling Liza Minelli’s.

    • Cassie Paton says:

      HA. That is all kinds of awesomeness. Sounds like a blast. 🙂 And Kit Kats are a very close second for me. So tasty.

  2. I’ll be spending my Halloween doing something not very Halloweenie…. I’ll be going to see Book of Mormon.

    If I end up getting dragged out to a Halloween event this weekend, I’ll likely dress up as a femme Ghostbuster… but I’m somewhat doubtful that I’ll be partaking in a Halloween barhop this year.

    • Cassie Paton says:

      Hey, you still saw people in costume! Totally counts as Halloweenie. Love the femme Ghostbuster idea, too.

  3. mine’s kitkats! and we’re still trying to figure out!! that’s too funny that you packed your costume and brought it cross country.. i’m sure i have a few of those items.. that i have yet to make the trip worthwhile. i’m glad your costume to use! 🙂 Happy Halloween!

  4. That is a completely rad costume. I won’t be dressing up tomorrow, but my favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I also like Junior Mints, but those aren’t so popular at Halloween, for some reason.

  5. Yayyyy brief autumn days in LA! And that is a sweetass outfit.

  6. That dress is amazing! Definitely worth the cross-country trip…says the girl who brought her collection of neon, patterned spandex halfway across the country.

    I’m right there with you on the Reeses cups. I told my roommates to get fruity candy this year, because anything chocolate in the house will be gone in a few seconds. And this year, I didn’t dress up, though I loved seeing great costumes by our neighborhood trick-or-treaters!

    • Cassie Paton says:

      HAHA please tell me you’ve done the neon, patterned spandex justice by breaking them out. Totally worth packing, I say.

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