Found in L.A.: Urban river bike path

A couple of weeks ago, John and I took our bikes out for a ride. We visited the L.A. River bike path, just a short stretch of cyclist-friendly road that parallels the interstate.


bikepath2 bikepath4 bikepath12

The bike path is an odd mix of urban jungle with a mountainous view. We went in the late afternoon when it was cool enough so that we didn’t break a sweat. There were a bunch of “real” cyclists out and about, and others out walking their dogs. There were also a few people who seemed to be living and/or scavenging in the trees below the embankment. Los Angeles! It has everything.

bikepath7 bikepath8

bikepath9 bikepath14

The bike path was pretty in a way—we saw a blue heron in the shallow, marshy water, and riding toward the mountains in the distance kind of felt like being out in the wild—if it weren’t for the cars riding alongside you. It’s also grungy in parts, but that’s what gives it its character. Right now, the L.A. River bike path is broken up into two short and unconnected paths. But the river is under a $453 million renovation to make it a 51-mile continuous path by the end of the decade. It’ll be cool to see how it changes in the coming years. It seems L.A. is trying to become more bike-friendly, which I know a lot of people are anxious for.


It felt really good to get out on the bikes. The air was crisp, the sun was bright, and we biked several miles before heading home and immediately stuffing our faces. Yet another round of city exploration achieved!

To any Angelenos (or frequent L.A. visitors) out there, do you have recommendations for where I should visit next?

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  1. It’s great that your city has this type of thing! I live in Austin, and while it is constantly called an eco-friendly and green city (which is obsessed with cycling), we don’t have very many bike trails 🙁 Seems like you had a great time!

    • Cassie Paton says:

      Yeah, L.A. is definitely not known for being bike-friendly, so it’s nice to see they’re trying to change that. Ironically, I’ve ridden my bike here more in the past three months than I did when I lived five minutes from a bike trail in the country, ha!

  2. I still haven’t done this, but I want to! Especially if they can make that whole 51-mile thing happen…

  3. I love the shadows on that first picture!

  4. i may have passed that area the other day! is it near the LA zoo? 🙂

  5. You are so fortunate to have this so close by! I love the angles you used for these shots :-).

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