Interweb Finds: Wet dogs, rethinking holiday “survival” & more

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As I type this, I sit wrapped in a blanket, trying to ignore the smell of burnt dust from the ancient wall furnace vents, wondering if it will set off the smoke detector again. Guys, it’s freezing in L.A. Okay, not freezing… but cold. And wet. Last night’s weather felt downright East Coast-y, and it’s just weird. It’s not right.

When I wasn’t bemoaning sub-60 degree weather, I spent this weekend scrambling for new story ideas, attending a party where I was one of four straight people, and celebrating the end of the semester’s classes.

And now, for this week’s interweb finds:

A photo series of wet dogs. I DIE.

As Christmas draws closer, I’m starting to stress about my first trip home since moving to L.A. So I LOVE Rachel’s post about rethinking “surviving” the holidays:

If you tell yourself that Thanksgiving is going to be stressful because the whole family will be there with Aunt Martha forcing green bean casserole on everyone while dad tells awkward jokes, then yes, it will be stressful and those things will grate on you, and you may in fact cause a stressful environment by bringing your negative energy to the table.
But what happens when you go in with a positive mindset?

From the mundane to the profound moments—a list of the first times people felt like an adult. (I can relate to so many of these.)

Such a dreamy Silver Lake house tour. I want to be friends with the renter based on style (and dog) alone.

This made me laugh out loud. A kid’s insane Christmas wish list, hilariously annotated by dad:

“‘A little thing that can turn into anything at anytime.’ The fuck is this? What am I, Galactus? Do you understand the catastrophic universal implications of possessing a shape-shifting, time-traveling device?

These amazing shadow sculptures are for real.

Watch how a leopard reacts when she finds out her prey has a newborn. Again, I DIE.


This week is it for me—the home stretch. Lots of work to be done before I can officially declare this first semester of grad school a successful one. Here’s hoping I end up with a great story to tell.

How about you? What do you have going on this week?



  1. I saw that video with the leopard earlier this week and ended up sitting at my desk at work with tears running down my cheeks.

  2. Thank you for including me here! I loved reading the first times people felt like an adult- I can relate to #1, and #24 had me welling up. That leopard story- I just can’t. Animals are so amazing!

  3. RE: the photos of wet dogs, I found a book called Shake at the bookstore yesterday, and then I found out there’s also a VIDEO of it:

  4. I’m not a lover of the holidays under normal circumstances, but this year I’ve just moved to a new city and I’m struggling hard with homesickness, which is making me feel extra Grinchy.

    • Cassie Paton says:

      Do something to counter that Grinchy-ness! Find something you love about your new city and celebrate. (Then call your family, of course.) xo

  5. That video with the leopard was precious – it’s nice to see even in the wild, creatures can be nurturing and sweet. :) Honestly, I want a little thing that can turn into anything at anytime, don’t you? :) Have a great one Cassie! -Iva

    • Cassie Paton says:

      HA, yeah, I probably had something very similar on my Christmas list when I was little. I know exactly what that girl means.

  6. haha the last one reminded me of the jungle book. i want to go watch that now.

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