On Valentine’s Day, show some self-love

self love

I’m going to make a political statement here: I like Valentine’s Day.

Big surprise—I have a built-in date with my boyfriend, with whom I also happen to be celebrating my five-year anniversary today. (Our first date was the week before V-Day, so we conveniently made it an official, easy-to-remember anniversary date.)

But honestly, even when I was single, I always enjoyed Valentine’s Day. It’s an excuse to wear bright red lipstick, eat cupcakes and tell someone you like—either romantically or not—that you think they’re pretty cool.

And whether you’re single, taken, or too busy dominating the world for labels, Valentine’s Day is also the perfect excuse to show a little self-love. That goes for all of you who would rather skip over this holiday entirely, too.

How can you show some self-love today?

Get some exercise. Today, I plan on either going for a nice hilly run or trying out the yoga studio up the street. (I bought a Groupon for 16 yoga classes for $55!) Get a little sweat going, and you’ll feel happy for the rest of the day.

Try something new. Take the scenic route home. Check out the coffee place that just opened down the street. Cook a new recipe you’ve been meaning to try. Spark your adventurous side.

Give yourself permission to veg. Hey, it’s Friday. It’s been a long week, amiright? Put on the sweatpants. Eat the Valentine’s Day candy. Binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix. Even if you have a dinner date planned, I recommend following it with this.

Treat yourself. To a book. A fresh basil plant. A new shade of nail polish. A bottle of wine (or two).

Stay off Facebook. Or don’t. But if you do log on, “like” a few mushy statuses like the generous person you are. Otherwise, no complaints when you come across those “best boyfriend everrrrr, no wait, I mean FIANCE! WE’RE ENGAGED!!! LOVE YOU POOKIE” statuses. Either stay offline completely or be happy for someone else’s (slightly obnoxious) love.

I’m taking a poll: Do you love or hate Valentine’s Day? What do you have planned? Finally—how are you gonna show some self-love today?


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  1. My plan for the long weekend? One night of veg, two days of awesome productivity (writing + SM stuff), and one day of cooking all the things! Carving out time to veg, watch House of Cards, have a glass of wine or whatever is something I look forward to almost every week.

    Happy Valentine’s and anniversary to you and your guy!

  2. I really have no feelings towards Valentine’s Day… it’s never been exciting for me, but I don’t begrudge people who enjoy it! Today my best friend is visiting me (EEEEE – she’s here for the whole weekend!) and I’m having a mini get-together with her and our other friend. There will be music, jello shots, and late-night poutine. I’m not the most social person, so I’m proud of myself for hosting a social event, even if it is small!

    Happy anniversary and have a wonderful evening!

    • Cassie Paton says:

      That sounds like a blast! I’ve been craving a girly night like that lately. Good for you for playing hostess. 🙂 (That’s something I’d like to try one of these days, too!)

  3. I love Valentine’s day! This is my first year in 4 years as a single lady so I am staying home to attempt to make french macarons and then EAT THEM ha!! And of course there will be red wine and good tunes ^_^

  4. In my past two relationships, I was with men who were pretty anti-Valentine and I’ll admit it… I thought it kinda sucked. I don’t have super strong feelings towards Valentine’s Day… I don’t need any big grand sweeping gesture, but the active resistance toward the holiday kinda felt more like, “I don’t really care that much about you and I can’t really be bothered to do something that would make you happy.”

    I’m single for it this year, so my focus today has certainly been on self care (and I also bought myself a new laptop…. So that’s nice too!) and focusing on loving myself.

    • Cassie Paton says:

      Bahhh, they sound like lame-os hung up on the past. I bet you had way more fun without ’em. Hope you did something special!

  5. I am not a Valentine’s Day lover. Nobody invited me to hang out, which is the worst part. All of my housemates are out or at home for the long weekend. I’m home alone, doing laundry and working on schoolwork.

    • Cassie Paton says:

      You don’t need them to have a nice Valentine’s Day! Hey, at least you were productive, but I hope you did something a little extra special for yourself.

  6. I’m indifferent. Vday is just another day for me.
    Though to answer your question: exercise, exercise, and exercise. Self love is…love!

  7. Good point – It’s definitely important to show case self love or just be filled with love in general. 🙂 I vegged all weekend and definitely no internet! Hope you had a great V-Day/Anniversary Cassie! -Iva

    • Cassie Paton says:

      Ooooh a weekend with no Internet?! What’s that like? I’d love to try it sometime. 🙂 Hope you had a good one!

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