My favorite L.A. Instagrammers

Before I had Instagram, I was kind of snobby about Instagram.

I thought it was just a bunch of heavy-handed filters and pictures of coffee. Little did I know there were puppies, selfies… and downright awe-inspiring photos, too.

Now, of course, I’m in love with the medium. Some of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow are the ones dedicated to documenting life in Los Angeles, so I’m here to share with you my favorite L.A. Instagrammers. These folks rarely if ever post photos of coffee. (Though—spoiler alert—one does feature dogs exclusively.) Instead, they capture the essence of a California Dreamin’ editorial, whether by snapping photos of a mural under a freeway bridge or of the marine layer coming in from the coast. I also love them for their distinct personalities. Funny how that comes through, even though they’re rarely in front of the camera.

Check ’em out & click the photos to go to their photostream:


Though based in the city, Kylie spends a lot of time traveling the coast, which makes following this triplet’s account feel like you’re on a road trip with her and her sisters. Speaking of which, I wonder if they have room in the car for a pseudo fourth sister. ‘Cause they look like they’re having too much fun for three people.


Julie’s eye for a well-balanced photo is always spot-on. I love how she uses the rule of thirds and breaks the rule of thirds. Despite all of the vibrant color in her photos, there’s still a strong sense of minimalism about them that is perfection.


Here’s that nitty-gritty, artsy L.A. we all love. This photographer sees the beauty everywhere, whether it be huge building murals or guerilla-style sidewalk graffiti. It goes to show just how much this city is buzzing with creativity.


Every photo Alex posts makes me do a double-take. They depict life in downtown Los Angeles in a not-so-square format with awesome perspectives and subtle filters. This is someone I’d really like to take a walking (and Instagramming!) tour with.


I promised dogs, and here they are in abundance. Enrique gave up his corporate IT job to become a professional dog walker, and he documents every excursion. (I wonder if the dogs know how lucky they are to visit Griffith Park all the time?!) Enrique’s photos were the most difficult to pick favorites from, because every snapshot he takes captures the dogs so perfectly.


Is it possible for a bike to have a personality? Because I feel like David’s bikes do. An avid cyclist, his entire photostream is dedicated to posing his bikes in creative spots that are just so L.A. Not only do they have personality—but those bikes are damn photogenic, too.


Elin’s photos remind me of the classic L.A. images that would always make me yearn to move here before I finally did. They have a total care-free, adventurous and dreamy vibe that I’ve always found appealing. (Who wouldn’t?) When we get a glimpse of Elin herself, she’s always smiling and freaking adorable.

One can never follow too many awesome Instagram accounts. What are your favorites?


@wittycassiehere Instagram

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  1. I don’t have an instagram – just don’t take photos and don’t see the point of having one. Too much time spent online as is and on my phone so its best to not add to it. I barely engage on Twitter and my personal Facebook goes months without any updates, lol. Those look like some really cool instagram accounts, almost makes me want to join – almost. 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend Cassie! -Iva

    • Cassie Paton says:

      I’m not big on Facebook either, and I’ve never touched Pinterest (except to sign up for an account I never used). But I keep up with Twitter for blogging/networking purposes, and Instagram is just for fun!

  2. Nice diverse roundup! My former grad school classmate @collcallahan is a good follow for, as her bio says, “coasts and concerts.”

  3. Love these, thanks for sharing!

    A few faves: @designlovefest (duh), @mooncanyon (gorg flowers, all day, everyday), @darlingmagazine, @caitlinhtp (for her posts of her adorable toddler, mainly), and @sophiapushkin.

  4. Excellent list! I have followed them all!

    I love instagram a lot. My favourites are @danellebohane @power_of_focus and @craighowes

    And mine is @whistlerkid 🙂

    • Cassie Paton says:

      I follow you! But I totally had NOT put two and two together… I didn’t know The Wine Glass Manifesto was the same person behind @whistlerkid, haha. Am now SWOONING over those Instagram accounts.

  5. Thank you for the thoughtful write up and kind support Cassie! Hope you’re having a swell weekend so far 🙂


    David / slvrlyt

  6. I love Instagram. Some of my favorite accounts: @tahorquarterly, @juneletters, @laurenmilby and @elisejoy.

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