Interweb Finds: Closing the gender wage gap, cities for young creatives & more

Runyon Canyon

Happy first day of June!

It’s been a good weekend on my end. I finally had the chance to check out a popular ramen restaurant down the street, did a little hiking in Runyon Canyon (see hippie circle above), and I met up with a pretty awesome lady for an upcoming installment of Beer with a Blogger! A successful weekend indeed.

Here are my favorite interweb finds for your browsing pleasure:

Swoon. Yet another gorgeous Silver Lake house tour. (I really need to meet these neighbors of mine.)

An important read: How we can close the gender wage gap. I’ve done the first three in my recent job hunt, including turning down an internship with an internationally recognized brand that wanted me to work 40 hours a week for minimum wage and no benefits. No fucking thanks.

This profile on the 30-year-old Nasty Gal CEO is totally inspiring and makes me want to read her book #GirlBoss, a far cry from “ban bossy.”

While I have no intention of leaving Los Angeles any time soon, this list of 15 cities for young creatives does inspire a bit of wanderlust and adventure.

One long essay about how YouTube and the web destroyed our last real movie star, Tom Cruise. (Personally, I think some of the batshit crazy things he said were what did him in, but this was a fascinating read that gave me a new respect for his acting career.)

I’m intrigued by the new app called Acorn, which invests your money by rounding up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and investing $5 of that change at a time.

Take a look at the 10 highest paid DJs in the world and weep. Then, watch this SNL skit that pretty much sums up the job description.

That’s all for today!

My summer class starts tomorrow, so it’ll be another jam-packed week. Look out for a post about creatives carving out careers (dig the alliteration?) coming soon. What are you looking forward to this week?

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  1. I love that list of cities. I saved it for future job hunting considerations.

  2. i did hear that oakland is the new brooklyn! and WOW i had no idea DJs made that much money! the top three are always in vegas… I don’t think they need my money though. haha

    • Cassie Paton says:

      Haha yeah, the DJ thing blows my mind. I cannot get into that kind of music, period. And the fact that most of what they do is just sampling other people’s music AND they’re paid so much for it… is weird.

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