Feminist Apparel giveaway! (Why do we need feminism?)

Feminist Apparel giveaway

I can think of a lot of reasons why we need feminism.

I’ll use some examples from my own personal experience, though there are far more reasons than these few:

Because the first time I was called a slut, I was 12 years old.

Because I don’t feel safe walking to parking garages alone.

Because my school campus underreports sexual assault cases.

Because I know too many people (i.e., more than zero) who have been sexually assaulted.

Because I’m called a “bitch” if I ignore catcalls or “compliments” on the street.

Because these awful things are considered normal, part of life, to be expected.

…And those experiences—through the lens of a thin, white, middle-class woman—are just the tip of the iceberg when you consider the issues women around the world face every day.

Everything feminism stands for aims to address these issues.

Which is why instead of fearing the F-word, I want to wear my feminism on my sleeve (or on the front of my new shirt, pictured above). And if you enter today’s giveaway with Feminist Apparel, you could, too. Read on.

Feminist Apparel giveaway

Feminist Apparel is a kickass clothing company that stands for equality and encourages others to do the same—while looking smart in one of their tanks or tees. The styles are sassy, clever and playful… but dead serious. (Here’s the one I’m wearing in the top photo. I love this one and this one, too.)

Most importantly, Feminist Apparel puts its money where its mouth is. Proceeds from their sales go to women-empowering nonprofits like Women’s Way, so you know your purchase is going toward a worthy cause.

But one lucky feminism-loving reader will win a shirt for free.

The details: Win one shirt of any style, size & color (winner’s choice!) from Feminist Apparel by using the Rafflecopter widget below. (You have to leave a blog post comment first to unlock the other entries.) Note that you can tweet daily about the giveaway for bonus entries. The contest will be open all week until Friday, July 11th, at 3:00 p.m. EST upon which one winner will be chosen at random. And yes, it’s open to international readers! I request the winner responds within 72 hours of being contacted, or else the prize will go to someone else. You’ll get extra love from me if you tweet/Instagram a photo of yourself in your new shirt once you receive it. (Be sure to tag @FeministApparel and @WittyCassieHere!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It’s so important to me to work with brands I believe in, so I’m psyched to be partnering up with Feminist Apparel. And, of course, I’m psyched about my new shirt!

Let’s celebrate the amazing things women and men can do when we work together… like ending sexual assault, sexism and victim blaming once and for all.

And tell me: Why do you need feminism?


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  1. I need feminism because It shouldn’t be okay for colleagues to say something misogynist and I get called uptight for not finding it funny. It’s not even the obvious misogyny, but the deep rooted patriarchal positioning of women, where we are automatically assigned as a connotation for moody or emotional. I also need feminism so the men I know aren’t mocked when they express themselves or how they feel.

    God, there are so many reasons.

  2. I need feminism because Texas women have to drive eight hours to get an abortion. I need feminism because the government has binders full of women. I need feminism so that I can stand in front of the Hobby Lobby and give customers direction to the nearest Michael’s. I need feminism to stand up for my own basic rights and privileges and to not be gawked at, cat called or demeaned.

    Thank you so for being so vocal about feminism on your blog.

  3. I need feminism because people are still asking about it and questioning it’s ‘motive’ (and because people still think it’s to do with man-hating). Because inequality exists. Because I am so fed up with hearing slurs about women, but not about men, on the streets I walk. Because people use the word slut and whore, every day, to describe a woman who enjoys sexual freedom. There are so many because’s I could list here, but am afraid to because I’m worried I’ll scare myself with all the things that are wrong with this world. Which is a bloody awful way to feel.

    Thank you for this, Cassie, and for always being open about being a feminist. We can all learn something from you.

    And, gosh, I love them all, but right now I’m feeling the ‘WOMEN ARE PEOPLE’ tee. Because apparently people still need reminding.

  4. Ashley Bree Perez says:

    My favorite is the shirt above in this blog post . I want to get one now! (: We need feminism because back in the day, women are sometimes thought of as being lesser beings or not as intelligent or capable as men. Feminism needs to stay around because to this day some people still think like this.

  5. I need feminism so I can be me. I need feminism so that my future daughter will have a better chance in the world for equality. For those that think we are already equal in the minds of the world majority, just take a look at our Senate in the United States or the delegates at the UN. Equal amount of men and women? Uh, no. Is this because men are smarter or work harder. Uh, no. We need to continue to educate the world 🙂

  6. Sorry, I didn’t down click on the exact directions before commenting above–this is no indication that my intellect is less than a man’s haha The tank top I would love would be the Leopard Venus or Rosie the Riveter in size small. Your website at feministapparel.com is awesome!

  7. Hi Cassie! I love your blog. I need feminism because I live in a country where old men think it’s okay to tell me what I should do with MY body. I am really in love with the Clinton/Warren shirts and the pizza rolls not gender roles shirts!

  8. What an awesome idea for a store! I love the Pizza Rolls not Gender Roles shirt and the Rosie the Riveter shirt. Both fantastic choices! I love how strongly you spoke out about feminism here. We all need feminism!

  9. Ashley-Ann says:

    I need feminism because I can’t go out at night or wear what I want to without being told I’m making myself a target or being told that I look like a slut; I need feminism because slut shaming still exists and girls feel the need to lie about being virgins as not to ruin their reputations. I’d love to win the “Don’t Rape” shirt!

  10. I need feminism because I work in a male dominated field, and it’s a constant battle between wanting to pursue my career goals and personal/family goals…either way I feel like I’m letting someone down.

    Thanks for a great post topic and give away!

  11. Emma Mader says:

    We need feminism, because people still think feminists jobs are over. We need feminism, because at my school, guys still think it’s okay to grab my boobs and force me into things, and because girls still think it’s okay to let boys do that to them. We need feminism because the words “cunt”, “bitch”, “slut” and “pussy” are still thrown around without people understanding how degrading and disrespectful they are. We need feminism because girls are brill being cat called in the streets daily. We need it because slut shaming still exists. Because the concept that our sexuality and purity is the only thi g that keeps us good. Because people believe that once a women has sex she has been ruined. We need feminism because mysogeny, and sexism still exists. The world needs to be a better place, and feminists jobs are still not over.

  12. I need feminism because when I tell people I’m a feminist they say “oh that’s why you’re a lesbian”
    I need feminism because I’ve been called a slut every year since 6th grade even though I’m a virgin.
    I need feminism because I’ve been called prude because I say rape jokes are discusting.

  13. I like theLeopard Venus T-Shirt

  14. Emily Rose says:

    I need feminism because when I’m going for job interviews I know the biggest factor in their decision will be how I look.

  15. we need feminism because people still assign a gender and a value to that gender designation before a person is even born.

    i would totally rock that “feminist as fuck” t-shirt.

  16. I need feminism because one of my best friends was sexually assaulted and her other friends told her to get over it. The guy doesn’t know that what he did was wrong.

    And, like, a million other reasons.

  17. I need feminism because I was told my research was too feminist to be funded. Because I was paid less than my male counterpart in the same job. Because car mechanics don’t take me seriously. Because of a bajillion other reasons. And right now, the feministapparel website is down so I can’t tell you which one I’d choose but rest assured, I’d like one of each.

  18. I need feminism because, when I was 12 and in grade-school at a Catholic school, a boy in my grade spent recess for weeks doing everything in his power to look up mine and other girls skirts. And the only punishment he got was a 15 minute time out (followed by people laughing and saying “ohh boys will be boys” when they heard about it) Because apparently that’s acceptable behavior that we should be doing basically nothing to prevent.

    I’m so excited about this giveaway!!

    • Also, my favorite shirts are “Cats against catcalls”, “misogyny kills”, and “feminism is the radical notion that women are people”. I can’t pick just one!

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