Interweb Finds: Corgis on the beach, finding your blogging roots & more


Have you ever had an idea seemingly come out of nowhere that jolts your brain and prompts you into action?

(And I’m not just talking about the awesome T-shirt sayings that come to mind during a particularly hilarious and drunken conversation.)

Anyway, I had one of those ideas over the weekend, and I went to bed, woke up and still loved it. So I think that’s a good sign. I headed on over to the local library, got a library card (finally), and picked up a few books for research. I’m being a tease, because it’s not an idea I’ll share anytime soon, but it just got me thinking…

Other weekend highlights include eating Gelato al fresco, browsing the grocery store bakery above (like the pure frosting cheeseburgers), and announcing the winner to the Feminist Apparel giveaway! Congrats to Kiersten, a feminist after my own heart.

Now, for this week’s interweb finds:

Ten words every girl should learn.

Possibly the best thing ever: Corgi Beach Day. (The next one is the day after my birthday… I AM SO GOING. Even though I don’t have a corgi.)

Have you heard about the new film Boyhood? It was filmed over the course of 12 years in a young boy’s life.

People’s attitudes toward biking and cyclists can be pretty unreasonably charged with anger. Why is that? One alarming quote:

“A 2002 study found that drivers are far more likely to see a cyclist’s infraction as stemming from ineptitude or recklessness than an identical one committed by another driver.”

WARNING: cuteness overload. Seven kittens reacting in perfect unison to a shiny object.

Fellow bloggers and writers, have you found your blogging roots?

“You need to be rooted in blogland by something other than dreams of fame and fortune. Those roots, if they run deep enough, are what will sustain you through tough times. They’re what will allow you to be flexible, to go easy on yourself, and to keep pushing.”

A fascinating read about one man who studies and diagnoses depressed and OCD animals in zoos. Related: the case for the end of the modern zoo.

That’s all for this week! Now back to those library books.


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  1. I can’t wait to hear your idea. I’m sure it’s totally rad. I could use one of those ideas myself. I need something to inspire and motivate me.

  2. That kitten thing is so cute it makes me a little ill. Love that blogging roots quote too!

  3. Ha yes I’ve noticed bikers make other drivers really angry – it’s like when a moped or a bike tries to pass you between the lanes, we feel cheated, lol. 🙂 I don’t pay them no mind, there’s enough space for everyone eh. Those are great 10 words indeed and I think it stems from confidence and willpower. Great stuff and have fun at the library, I love the library! 🙂 Have a great one Cassie! -Iva

  4. Corgis on the beach!! I’ve seen that before and it’s one of the cutest things. You should definitely go, corgi or no corgi.

  5. I like #2. I know how important these are. When I was a personal chef it was called Sundae Dinner, where every dinner is a sundae dinner. Then I realzed that people got the tag line but were calling the business Sundae Diner (as in a restaurant). Itbwas so infuriating because who doesn’t know how to read?Learn SEO

  6. Great post, Sarah! A lot of wisdom here. I haven’t been selling to my previous customers as well as I should be. Thanks for reminding me of this.

  7. I like #2 and #3 the most. But I also like the Sew Sew Mama one a lot too! Hmmmm, need a new logo for myself. I like my tagline, a blog about being a wife, a mom, and everything in between…but I have been thinking about somehow addind in the word creative, since I feel like my blog is more a creative blog than just a mom blog.

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  9. This was fantastic. I liked the details because a lot of posts just state ‘Do A’ but without any clear instructions on how to do A. Very helpful!

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