Through the Lens: photos from July

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Summer is flying by.

I know, who wants to hear that? But even though I’m a little sad July is coming to a close, I’m really looking forward to August. I’m flying home for the first time since Christmas, my BFF and college roomie is coming to L.A. for a visit, and then I kick off my second year of grad school. It’ll be a busy month for sure, and I plan to soak it up before another crazy semester begins.

But right now, let’s have one last look at July, shall we? There were quite a few highlights.

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I cannot get enough of the beach. Even though it’s often a stressful, longer-than-it-should-be drive to the coast, it’s always worth the effort of getting there. Sunsets on the beach are where it’s at.

And how did I manage to snap the following photo of Obama? Journalism has its perks…


President Obama was in town for about 24 hours, and a handful of the Neon Tommy reporters got to cover his LAX arrival, a speech he gave at a college and his departure. I covered his departure, which meant getting cleared by the White House and sitting on the tarmac in the hot sun for hours. All in all, I spent an entire day mostly waiting around for a couple exciting minutes of helicopters flying the president in, him walking from the helicopter to Air Force One and giving us a little wave before taking off again. See for yourself.

helicopter-hovering helicopter-landing air-force-one AFO-closeup helicopters-planes obama-waving

(He’s looking right at me!)

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Though a lighter picture-taking month overall, July was jam-packed. Even though I’ve been juggling a couple of jobs and a night class, I’ve managed to sneak in plenty of fun, too: watching tons of fireworks with a sweet view from the top of a hill, revisiting a couple of favorite neighborhood spots (it’s hard to be a regular anywhere in this town—too many options!), and celebrating our one-year anniversary of living in L.A.!

And the fun won’t end in August. In fact, I’ve got an open spot for August’s Beer with a Blogger. Who wants to grab a couple of pints with me?!

I loved July—how about you? And what do you have going on next month?



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  1. Your photos are incredible! It’s so neat that you got to see the President – how many people can say they’ve been that close to even take photos? I’m glad you’ve been enjoying your summer – be sure to hop over to my blog and check out my summer highlights, too!
    ~ Samantha

  2. Omg That’s soo awesome!! OBAMA!!! Love that man -he’s fascinating. 🙂 I can’t believe July is gone too – August is going to be awesome though but the realization school is about to start for the kiddo again is daunting – ugh 2nd grade!! I don’t drink beer but I’ll have a whiskey instead 🙂 Whenever you’re in town that is. Happy Hump Day Cassie! -Iva

  3. Obama WAVED to you? 😮 #wow

  4. That is SO COOL about Obama!!! AHHHHHHHH! Geeking out over here, haha.

    And yes, this summer is blazing by!!!

  5. Wow! Your photos are amazing and you were pretty lucky to get that opportunity to photograph the president. My summer hasn’t been too much fun. Just work. I moved to a new town at the beginning of the year and still haven’t got much of my career off to a start. However, I am sad that summer is almost over with. This means the year has been flying by. Wow!

  6. July has been full of working and August is more of the same. My parents are coming to visit for my birthday in 16 days and I cannot wait. It’ll be a tiny break before school starts on the 25th. But, I am exhausted and need a vacation.

  7. 100% agree about the sunsets thing…and the part about getting to the beach in the first place. Now that I work close to the beach it’s gotten a lot easier, but I’m usually working when the sun sets =[

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