Long live summer

Long Live Summer

The internet would have you believe that summer is over.

Fall fashion this! Pumpkin spice lattes that! they say. In fact, there are still three weeks and some change until the autumn equinox, and I’d prefer not to rush things.

Never mind that I went back to school this week (my last first day of school ever) or that it’s Labor Day weekend. Never mind that I, too, enjoy all the things that make fall fall. (Except pumpkin spice lattes. I just can’t get on that train.) It’s still technically summer. Long live summer.

These three short months of the year have always been my favorite, and it’s no different now that I live in Southern California. The season holds a certain kind of magic that doesn’t exist the rest of the year.

In recognition of the fact that it is still indeed summer, I plan on doing all of the following:

Going for long walks and bike rides at sunset. Nothing like soaking up the last rays of sunlight while walking around the neighborhood. My apartment doesn’t get much natural light past 5 p.m. these days, so late-afternoon walks make the days last longer.

Eating al fresco. Whether picnicking or hitting up the fish taco stand up the street, I love eating outside and people-watching.

Whipping up piña coladas. Actually, John is the blended beverage expert, so that task is delegated to him. I’ll be sure to offer up a salud.

Taking a day trip. Hopping in the car to explore a new (or old favorite) spot is the epitome of summertime adventures. You can find me at the beach on the weekend.

Checking things off my to-do list. The closet I’ve been meaning to clean out? That recipe I’ve been wanting to try? There’s no better time to do all the little things that need to get done. I like my summers productive as much as I like them leisurely.

So for all you fall lovers, be patient.

You’ll have your chunky-knit sweaters and color-changing leaves soon. (When you do, will you send some to L.A.? At some point, I’ll begin to crave them.) But for now, enjoy the summer. Don’t rush it out the door.

How will you enjoy these last few weeks of summer? Have you made the most of the season?


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  1. Long live summer indeed! More alfresco meals and piña coladas in General would probably make people a lot happier, I think. There’s still many more decent picnic appropriate days left. Good luck at school this year!!

    • Cassie Paton says:

      Thanks, Sydney! It’s only gotten hotter in SoCal, so I’m really not in a fall mood yet. The al fresco dining and frozen beverages shall continue!

  2. Yes! And especially in the southern part of the country, we get to truly enjoy summer weather until October, which is why I live here. Because summer for 8 months of the year, that’s why.

    Enjoy your the rest of your summer plans! I’ll keep reading by the pool and trying out no-bake desserts and soaking up that summer sun.

  3. Can’t agree more! even if many of us have started classes or work we are still on Summer, I personally have 15 days until I start my university classes and as you I plan on making the most of this day, getting things done from my Summer to-do list until fall starts.


  4. Honestly I’m ready for fall. Summer is great, but I’m a cozy weather, pumpkin everything kind of girl. I like evenings curled up with a hot drink and a warm blanket, snuggling in to read a book or watch a movie. You definitely can’t get that during the summer! Though I’m sure I’ll be dreaming of summer in just a month or two (thank you, MN for your wretched winters…) I’m ready for a change in seasons.

    Great post!
    ~ Samantha

    • Cassie Paton says:

      I love all of those cozy fall things too – it’ll be a while before I can experience any of that, so I’m sure I’ll crave it at some point. But yeah, I have a hard time thinking of fall without thinking about what comes immediately after. Sigh…

  5. I’m glad summer is over and school is back in session. I had a very long, lonely summer. August was the worst month on record in my 32 years and September isn’t looking much better. I am ready for a new season, both in nature and in life.

  6. I cannot get on the pumpkin latte train either!! And I want summer to stay for another month! I’m not ready for it to be over 🙁 I will be taking in these last three weeks and enjoying every minute I have left!

  7. Oh man, as much as I love the coziness of fall, summer will always have my heart. You nailed it here, lady. There’s just something magical & completely irreplaceable about this all-too-short, lovely season.

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