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Witty Title Here is a community and resource for all women who write, but especially young women still honing their voices and seeking a platform for their work.

Here, you’ll find essays, advice, interviews, inspiration and more. WTH will also regularly publish reader-submitted works of short fiction, journalism, opinion, humor and creative nonfiction. Want to submit a draft or pitch? Email wittycassiehere[at]gmail[dot]com.

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About the Creator

Cassie Paton

My name is Cassie Paton, and I’m a 25-year-old writer living in Northern California. For a long time, WTH was my personal blog. (Those archives still exist, if you’re interested in some lifestyle writing.) In 2013, I left home on the East Coast for Los Angeles, where I got my master’s in journalism from USC. Since then, I’ve interviewed politicians, criminals, social activists and rock stars. I’d like to write a novel (sooner than later). I’m also a feminist, foodie and aspiring dog owner, and I think we should be friends.

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