The campaign

2012 Mobbies awards

For those of you who aren’t down with modern-day acronyms, that’s Witty Title Here for the win. And this is no presidential election. It’s much less life-altering than that. It’s the friggen Mobbies. And I’m pro-awesome.

Let me explain: The Mobbies are a competition for Maryland’s best blogs hosted by The Baltimore Sun, and it’s all in the name of bragging rights. This year, Witty Title Here falls under the Best Personal Blog and Best Photography Blog categories. I nominated myself, and I’m very honored.

Last year, I ranked fairly well in my category considering I had about half as many page views and a slightly irregular posting schedule. I’m proud to look back at the archives and see how far I’ve come since then. With a much more aesthetically pleasing design and a stronger, more developed voice, I wouldn’t be mortified if a (hypothetical) prospective employer or first date told me they’d already perused my blog. (Note: I’M NOT IN THE MARKET FOR EITHER, PEOPLE. In case you were about to bang down my door, because why wouldn’t you?)

Because I really want bragging rights, fame, and the chance to give an acceptance speech, here are a few reasons why you should vote for me—daily:

– I love you.
– I’ve probably made you laugh at least once, and possibly even out loud.
– I show restraint with the poop jokes. Most of the time.
– I produce original, thoughtful, and relatable content.
– I try to write stuff even boys would like.
– I’ve introduced you to all sorts of creative types who share their passions.
– I talk with you, and not just at you. I comment on your blogs, but I also really read them. And I respond to your comments here.
– I take pretty film photos and share them with you, unedited.
– I’m not afraid to be vulnerable. I strive to portray my honest-to-goodness self.
– I make lists.

…Need I say more?

So. Instructions.
Voting is open through November 9th, and as mentioned above, you can vote daily. Before doing so, you must login using one of your various social media accounts like Facebook, or you can use your email address and create a password. (These things take mere seconds.) Once signed in, make sure you vote for Witty Title Here under both the Best Personal Blog and Best Photography Blog categories. They are conveniently listed right next to each other, so you can just scroll right on down. When you’ve selected both categories, click the giant red button that says “Cast Your Vote!”

Mobbies voting

To be fair, I encourage you to check out my competition. They’re pretty rad, too.

I’m trying to come up with ways to thank my voters. Personal, handwritten thank-you notes via snail mail on pretty paper? Simple, yes, but let’s not forget the beauty of the written word. And, I’m pretty sure ACTUAL gifts or giveaways would be considered a bribe. And even if they weren’t, I’m not rich. So take what you can get. And I do love you all a very normal, healthy amount.

Thanks in advance, and have a spooky Halloween!

Via McKenzie from Oliver and Abraham’s