Through the Lens: photos from May

May in photos

How do I even sum up this crazy, hectic month? And how can I even call it that knowing it’ll be tame compared to the months ahead? Mostly the crazy has just been in my head, but soon things really will be moving at high speed. As our move to California draws nearer, I’m realizing the scope of the logistics this whole thing requires. I’m trying to take it all in stride. Soon, I’ll forget the very meaning of “boredom.”

Though I didn’t take as many pictures as I would like, May was full of photo-worthy moments. Dinners out, movie nights in, girl time with the sisters, a winning Orioles game vs. the Yankees, a baby shower, and a long weekend with my college roomie helped this month speed right on by. I’m trying to soak it all up. As much anticipation as I feel, I’m never quite sure when the last time I see an old friend or drive down a certain street will be. I don’t mean that to sound melodramatic—it’s just kind of a fact. I mean, it’s not like these things will definitely be the last time ever. At this point, I’m really not thinking too far beyond the two years of grad school I’ve committed to. But then, I can’t say for certain that these won’t be the last times I do such-and-such, either. You never know where life will take you.

But enough of me trying to sound like Ferris Bueller. Pictures! A mix of film, digital, and iPhone in this batch. (Can you tell which is which?)


Mount Vernon Baltimore

Great American Canyon BandOn the first Thursday of every month in the warm season, the local public radio station, WTMD, puts on a free outdoor concert. It typically features a mix of local bands and nationally touring acts (John performed there a couple summers ago!), and it attracts a huge crowd. Warm weather, free attendance, and outdoor drinking? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

This night turned into a bit of a drunkfest (as proven by my girly fandom talking to the awesome couple of the Great American Canyon Band), but earlier that day, I had been lamenting to John that I needed to get over my shyness as a budding photographer. When I see interesting people, I want to take their pictures but am hesitant to approach them. Well, all it took on the night of this First Thursday concert was a couple of beers, and I was happily snapping away at strangers. I found kind of a theme in my photos—men with dogs:

men with dogs

men with dogs

men with dogs


Yeah. Just let that sink in for a minute. Chances are, if your heart is made of ice, it just done defrosted all over da flo’.

Mount Vernon Baltimore

Mount Vernon BaltimoreEverything got kind of hazy after that.

The night the Orioles beat the Yankees was the perfect early summer night. Though it would drop down to the low 60s later in the week, this night felt like mid-July with Natty Bohs and french fries generously seasoned with Old Bay.

Camden Yards

Camden YardsAnd back to the theme of major life changes, scenes from a picturesque baby shower at McKenzie’s farm for our friend, Rachel:




baby shower


baby belly

Finally, I wrapped up the month by taking Justine, visiting from Long Island, around to some of the best places in Baltimore. (It was a great excuse to spend a little money before I can no longer do such a thing frivolously.) I think this might be my favorite picture from the whole month:

two heads

And with that, I leave you with wishes for a happy weekend. Now I’m off to do a little car shopping. What, you ask? Yeah. Ole Bertha was never part of the cross-country plan, but she is making it difficult to safely get around for the next few weeks. Looks like I could be taking the plunge on another car a bit earlier than I thought. This is going to be interesting. But at least I get to go on a few fun test drives.

See you in June.