Beer with a Blogger: Congregation Ale House in Pasadena

Bonding over beer and blogging really is a great way to make a new friend.

And this month, I made friends with the lovely and adorable Lauren. Check out our happy hour adventures below!

Lauren Breathe & Nourish


Lauren Cash, the blogger behind Breathe & Nourish. Lauren writes about body acceptance, healthy living & habits, food and more. Recently, she wrote a touching letter to her body, and her habit shift series is a great and helpful documentation of how to make healthy changes routine. She and I clicked right away—Lauren’s super easy to talk to, asks thoughtful questions, had several funny stories to share and, as you can see, has the best smile. You can follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram.

Congregation Ale House

Congregation Ale House


Lauren suggested Congregation Ale House in Pasadena, and it was the perfect spot for a beer enthusiast. The beer list is so long! It’s located in a quaint little section of Pasadena (where I’ve only been a couple of times but is really pretty adorable), so the outside seating area is really relaxed and inviting. The inside is spacious and gorgeous—they of course tied in the theme well with stained glass. Congregation has several other locations, as well.

Congregation Ale House



I got adventurous with a 10.5% alcohol Oskar Blues Deviant Dale Double IPA (which was kind of like drinking two beers), while Lauren sampled both the El Segundo Brewing Company’s Station No. 1 Red Ale and the Anderson Valley Anniversary Imperial IPA. All imbibed was well enjoyed.

Cassie and Lauren

Thanks for introducing me to a great spot, Lauren! I had a blast and hope to hang again soon.

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Beer with a Blogger: Angel City Brewery in DTLA

There’s something very special about blog-friends-turned-real-life-friends.

When you’ve been following each other’s blogs for months (or even years!) and finally meet for the first time, it can be so surreal, because even though you’ve exchanged dozens of comments, read about their most personal experiences and seen plenty of pictures of them, it’s still strange at first that they’re actual people with voices and stuff. It’s also bizarre how totally normal it is to meet them and, like with old friends, have a million things to talk about.

Which is exactly what it was like meeting Rachel for the first time last summer.

Rachel of Existation


Rachel Jackson, the photographer, writer and adventurer behind Existation. This Minnesota lady moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue her California dream (something that instantly attracted me to her blog, since I had dreams and plans of doing the very same). Now, she and her boyfriend Toby live in West Hollywood and explore the great state of California whenever they get the chance. (Check out her photos of Joshua Tree and June Lake, and you’ll want to move out here, too.) What I love about Rachel is how warm, inviting and open she is. Must be that Midwestern charm. Follow Rachel on Instagram and Twitter.

Angel City Brewery


Angel City Brewery in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. This might just be my new favorite spot. The vibe is very industrial/casual/chic in this bowling alley-sized warehouse, where dogs are welcome and the bartenders are friendly. Angel City opened up almost a year ago exactly and doesn’t serve food, but it regularly welcomes food trucks to its parking lot. Live music, darts and regular run + yoga + beer events make it the perfect neighborhood spot, and quite frankly, I’m a bit jealous of everyone who lives within walking distance of this place. (There are so many other great spots in this part of downtown, too.)


An Angeleno IPA for me and a Mexican Cola Beer for Rachel—this one seemed to be a hit among the other patrons, too. All imbibed beverages brewed in-house, of course.

Angel City Brewery Angel City Brewerygerman shepherd puppy

Every time Rachel and I get together, the conversation flows naturally, and we end up chatting about so many different things. Namely, all the adventures we want to take, our anxieties and excitement about the future, creative outlets and inspiration, and the paths that have led us to where we are now. It always makes for good, much-needed girl talk.

Oh, and the brewery is just around the corner from the building where Jess and the boys from New Girl live, so of course we had to get a picture.

New Girl building

Real-life friend status even further solidified and a love for Angel City Brewery established. Good times.

Cassie and Rachel

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Beer with a Blogger: The Daily Pint in Santa Monica

Beer and blogging—two of my favorite things.

Sometimes, I drink beer while blogging. (It helps with creativity and stuff.) But not too long ago, I thought a more social way of combining the two might be to drink beer with my fellow bloggers. So I’m kicking off a new series, and if you’re a blogger who loves beer and lives near L.A., I want you in on this. You pick the place, I come wielding a camera and—cheers!—it’s time for blogger happy hour.

But right now, let’s meet the first drinking buddy of the series, Diana from Sunshined.

Diana from Sunshined

THE BLOGGER: Diana Lopez, a web designer and blogger living in the West L.A. neighborhood of Sawtelle. She moved to Los Angeles about a year ago and lives with her boyfriend and two parakeets. Diana might seem shy at first, but she’s super smart, sweet and funny, and she’s not afraid to share her opinion—something I instantly liked about her. Last year, she wrote a guest post for me here on WTH. She tweets @pixelswithin.

THE BAR: The Daily Pint in Santa Monica, where it’s been for more than 25 years. It was voted as one of the top bars in the country on for three years in a row, and it boasts 33 beers on tap, three beers on cask and more than 100 others in the bottle. The Daily Pint also has one hell of a whiskey list, which I had no interest in other than the fact that the sheer number of options was impressive. It’s got a great divey, neighborhoody feel to it, and our bartender, Alicia, was friendly and gave us some good beer recommendations.

THE BEER: Leinenkugel’s Snowdrift Porter for Diana and both a Stone IPA and a Goose Island Matilda Pale Ale for yours truly.

The Daily Pint


Since Diana is also an L.A. transplant, we talked a lot about what it’s like settling in after moving here. “I immediately loved L.A. and just took to it. There’s so much to do, and I haven’t taken advantage of it all yet, but I recently went to the bookstore, a record store and two farmers markets all in one day. I love it.”

One of her favorite rituals?

“I usually go to Santa Monica Beach just to walk around—it’s such a luxury.”


Cassie & Diana

I was psyched to meet Diana after following her blog and Twitter for so long, and she picked a great, casual spot for imbibing. I hope to see Diana (and the Daily Pint!) again soon.

Are you a blogger living in (or visiting!) L.A.? Do you like beer? Shoot me an email at wittycassiehere (at) gmail (dot) com, and let’s go to happy hour!