Karaoke Ring of Death – Let’s duet!

The time has come for another round of #KROD, and this month, we’re singing duets! I’m hosting Sandy (of Just Sandy fame), who is singing along with a good friend. They do an excellent job with their rendition of “Amazing Love” by The Newsboys. And don’t they seem like so much fun? I love the giggles.

If you’d like to see me making an ass out of myself (as is standard with KROD), you can visit me at the lovely Jes’ blog, Jes Getting Started. I’m singing the Barenaked Ladies’ “If I Had a Million Dollars.” There’s a surprise to the “duet” part of it, though. Meet my… twin? You’ll see. I clearly have mad video editing skills.

For the master list of participating bloggers, head over to the KROD blog. If you’re also a blogger and would like to join in on the fun next month, make sure you subscribe and participate in the next theme voting!

Now, here’s Sandy: