Dealing with the time change

Daylight Savings Time blues

I didn’t think it was possible to feel S.A.D. in SoCal.

S.A.D., of course, being Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I mean, other than my big career goals and all, the primary reason I moved to an area where seasons are at times indistinguishable was to avoid the gross meh feeling I get at the beginning of fall every year. But lo and behold, I’m feeling a bit meh. I don’t exactly expect sympathy to come pouring in here, though. I still have a tan in November, for God’s sake.

Still, with sunset at 4:58 p.m. (and only getting earlier through most of December), I don’t think it’s totally ridiculous to get the fall blues in the Golden State. (Contrary to popular belief, SoCal residents don’t spend every day frolicking at the beach.) Research has proven the time change is overall shitty for your health, safety, the economy and probably everything else that’s good and important, but I’m just guessing.

So how to deal with the lack of vitamin D?

Lately, I’ve been setting my alarm a few minutes earlier than normal to spend more time soaking up the morning light that pours in through the kitchen. These days, our apartment gets dark pretty early, so it’s nice to make up for it by not missing out on the best sunlight. Plus, I actually have time to eat breakfast peacefully, and I’m more likely to conk out at 11:30 at night. (I used to be a night owl – what happened?!)

After a period of going light on the exercise, I’ve been making an effort to step it up and go on more runs. Putting my shoes on is the hardest thing to do when I’m in a fall funk (I’d so much rather eat leftover Halloween candy), but when I come back from a jog, I feel like a new person. There is no better pick-me-up.

I always like to have something to look forward to, but it’s especially essential this time of year. It helps that Thanksgiving is right around the corner (and John’s sister is coming down from Northern California to stay with us!), but little things like a new book or recipe, a Saturday afternoon drive or a movie night in all put me in a good mood.

And, if all else fails, a bottle of wine (to share) always does the trick.

For those of you who suffer from the hell of Daylight Savings Time, how are you coping with the time change? Do you think it’s as stupid as I do?

Fall weather (and Halloween!) in Los Angeles

halloweenpumpkingourds halloweentree

It actually feels like fall in Los Angeles this week, and instead of being bummed about it (like I would at home, where it’s cold for a solid six months out of the year), I’m actually sort of excited. Call it nostalgia for changing seasons, but I’m happy to break out the long sleeves and boots in late October. Especially since it’ll get warm again anyway, and then I’ll laugh all the way to the beach.

For tomorrow’s Halloween festivities, I’ll be donning a headdress and my mom’s circa-1988 dress that I wore a few years ago:


Yes. I packed both of those ridiculous things and brought them all the way across the country with me. And tomorrow, I will justify my having done so. (I don’t feel the need to justify repeating this costume. I think the outfit speaks for itself.)

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays (though nothing tops Thanksgiving), because it’s exactly two weeks after my birthday, and it’s something to look forward to when the days start getting shorter and colder. It’s a day when a semi-introvert like me can wear something as ridiculous as the above with abandon. And, uh, the candy. Let’s not forget the candy.

So, I want to know two things about you:

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? And what’s your favorite candy? (Mine’s Reese’s cups.)

Have a happy Halloween, and I’ll soon have more pictures to share with you in this space.


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