Interweb Finds: The unmothered, crazy bitch & more

Griffith Park

When was the last time you met someone whose struggles were so profound it gave you a good dose of perspective?

For me, it was yesterday. And two days before that. For my final projects (which will wrap up my first year in grad school!), I interviewed a 21-year-old inmate who was sentenced 40 years to life in prison and I went to a reunion for patients and the hospital staff who saved their lives. (Including this young woman and her fabulous mother. So moving.) I heard some pretty heartbreaking and inspiring stories this week. Journalism sure leads you to meet some fascinating people.

Here are this week’s interweb finds for your browsing pleasure:

Shannon’s post on not calling women crazy is an important read. I wonder: Why is it that the word is only used to describe men when they act out violently and uncontrollably but women get called “crazy” whenever they send too many consecutive texts to a guy?

A fascinating interview with the man who would make eating obsolete.

“I’m looking forward to the point where we don’t have to worry about hunger, or nutrition. Where people make food just because it’s beautiful—like gardening, or painting. I’m looking forward to the point where food can just be art.”

I love this guide to finding a mentor from Rebecca.

A slight contrast to the “crazy” post: Stop being afraid of being called a bitch.

“We have to admit to ourselves that it’s easier to sit behind a computer screen than it is to look a group of men in the eye at an Oscar party and say, Hey asshole, you’re demeaning the talented women you see in front of you, and I won’t hear another word of it.”

Gala put together a great roundup of advice for writers from writers.

Tabloid headlines without the sexism. So yeah. Without sexism, tabloids couldn’t exist!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a mom to celebrate on Mother’s Day. Here’s a beautiful essay to the “unmothered.”


Speaking of moms, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the other moms out there!

Thanks for everything you do & have a wonderful week.

Interweb Finds: Returning from space, March horoscopes & more

God, I love weekends. Am I the only one who goes to bed earlier on Fridays than any weeknight? I guess I shouldn’t use only the weekends to catch up on my sleep, but whatever keeps me going. Aside from snoozin’, John and I had a spontaneous date night on Friday with excellent burgers and beer. We also checked out a cool bookstore—I got a book on undertaking!—and snooped through one of Baltimore’s fanciest neighborhoods. I took out the ol’ Minolta for the first time in awhile. I’d missed the satisfying sound of the shutter release.

And now for this week’s web findz:

In case you ever take the beauty of this world for granted, here’s a video of astronauts talking about what it’s like to return from space (with some gorgeous footage of the Earth). I teared up a little.

Another not-so-natural wonder: photos of the first nuclear bomb detonated underwater.

Gala Darling has been doing a 10-part series on taking your blog to the next level. Not only has she reinforced a lot of what I believe, but she’s given me new perspective on where I should be headed with my blog. She also wrote an interesting piece of the effects of Mercury in retrograde. I’m officially blaming all my troubles on the planets.

For more starry reads: Famed astrologer Susan Miller writes incredibly detailed horoscopes. Check out your sign’s horoscope for March. (Fellow Libras, it’s going to be a month of highs and lows. Buckle in.) Also read this fascinating article about the woman behind Astrology Zone.

Why we think Jennifer Lawrence is our best friend. I totally do.

I’m loving this quote – “You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.” Taping this one to my wall.

I wouldn’t mind a stay in this pop-up luxury hotel.


Feel free to share some of your favorite finds in the comments. Have a great start to your week!