Interweb Finds: Strong females, Gizooglin’ yo ass & more

Loch Raven panorama

And the countdown continues. In exactly five weeks, we will be loading up the car for the cross-country trip ahead. I feel like I’ve already exhausted the use of the word “surreal” over the past several weeks. So much to do.

It’s been a little while since the last edition of Interweb Finds, so without further ado, here are some of my favorite reads from the past couple of weeks. (And in case you missed last week’s post, don’t forget to check out John’s new album.)

This collection of close-up photography of bugs is insane. You almost forget that bugs are disgusting (’cause they actually look pretty cool).

If you haven’t already seen me raving about it on Twitter, you’ve GOT to check out Gizoogle. Your blog (if you have one) will instantly become WAY funnier and more gangsta when you enter it in this ghetto-translating search engine. Here’s how Gizoogle translated a recent post of mine:

“Yes, I’m excited—elated—to be makin dis dunkadelic trip wit John. Da freshly smoked up car, biatch? I’m up in love. But these decisions we’ve made dat may seem easy as fuck n’ carefree on tha outside is straight-up tha result of a shitload of patience n’ sacrifice, n’ there’s a shitload of mad bullshiznit n’ even mo’ sacrifice up in our future ta straight-up sustain dis “California dreamin’” gamestyle we want.”

A satire reinterpretation of nice guys and the “friend zone”: Why do guys always put me in the girlfriend zone? Genius.

More female humor—How to write a strong female lead.

“Before you start, you must ask yourself this question: “Am I a male?” If the answer is yes, then you have nothing to worry about: males are generally better at writing strong female characters. If the answer is no, then unfortunately you are a female and this might be more difficult for you. Having first-hand knowledge about what it is actually like to be female can only hurt you in this process: you might write a character that is too realistic.”

This Venice Beach house tour is PERFECTION.

Tired, outdated floral prints given new life in these melting canvases.

How to visit L.A. on the cheap from Anna at And Then We Saved. Anna also introduced readers to this awesome rewards program designed to help pay back student loans.


That’s all for this weekend! Exciting posts up ahead, including a Q&A with some L.A. ladies who know where all the cool places to hang are. Stay tuned!