Interweb Finds: How to eat sushi, grown-ass women & more

Manhattan Beach Pier

This weekend, I fell in love with Manhattan Beach.

Like, what-do-I-have-to-do-to-move-here in love. The temperatures in L.A. were as high as 110 in some areas this weekend, but you wouldn’t have known it at the coast. Manhattan Beach was a nice respite from the Venice and Santa Monica madness, and exploring made me feel like I was on vacation. So sweet.

My interweb finds posts will be monthly from now on, which means I’ll be throwing in more links with each post!

Check out this month’s web finds:

My new favorite band is Lucius, and I can’t get this song out of my head. These girls (and guys) are electric live.

For book lovers and list lovers: How many of these books have you read? I enjoy the writer’s challenging of a “Best American Novels” list to which this more inclusive list responds.

Sarah Von Bargen has been killing it with her Grown-Ass Woman series. This post on friendships might just be my favorite.

Aside from the claustrophobia and inability to walk, it’d be cool to be a permaid for Halloween. (See more photos on the mysterious permaid’s site here.)

This might be the reason we hate the word “moist.”

Do you know the right way to eat sushi? (I didn’t know you’re supposed to eat with your hands!)

So interesting: an Australian’s first impression of the U.S.

“Everything is ‘cute’. My top was cute, my hair looked cute, oh, isn’t that sign cute? I don’t think I’ve every called something cute if it wasn’t a small child or an animal…”

The oldest person to have ever lived just celebrated her 127th birthday. And sadly, the world’s tallest dog just died.

Reese Witherspoon seems so down-to-earth in this interview, and one essay argues that the upcoming films Wild and The Good Lie have saved her career. I can’t wait to see her portray Cheryl Strayed on the big screen.

College is a ludicrous waste of money. Strong words. Do you agree?

Such a thoughtful post from Shannon: Does your partner need to be a feminist?

“I think about how long it took me to understand the term, to not instinctually shrink away from it, and I wonder, is it more important that my boyfriend identifies as a feminist or that he acts like one?”

This post on getting stuck in the consumerism trap probably rings familiar for a lot of people. I’ve become much more aware of it myself lately.


That’s all for this month! Check back Thursday for the return of Beer with a Blogger.