MOO to you, too. (I like winning free stuff.)

Several weeks ago, 20 Something Bloggers celebrated its 5th year anniversary by hosting some pretty spectacular giveaways for its members. Always one to jump at the chance of winning free stuff (concert tickets to bands I only know one song by included), I entered to win 200 free mini business cards from MOO. To my delight, I won! Which was perfect, because I’ve been toying with the idea of getting business cards for a little while. But I didn’t create them right away, because I was uncertain as to how I wanted to represent myself with a 70mm x 28mm piece of paper. What design wouldn’t I be sick of in a few months’ time?

And then I remembered that I like to take pictures sometimes! So I used my own images.

The best part was that I got to use as many designs as I wanted. (I thought about going overboard and using 200 different pictures, but then I thought MOO might judge me for that.)

Other than which photos to use, my “title” was the hardest part to decide on. What sounded the least jerky? The most appealing? Ultimately, I went with “writer, runner, amateur photographer” because I am a writer, and that’s what I’d most like to promote. I AM a runner, and putting that in ink would remind me on those days I don’t feel like running that I have to, because it’s on my business card now. (Whatever works.) And I AM an amateur photographer in that I take pictures… amateurly. After all, I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I won’t accidentally expose a roll of film with precious memories on it on any given California trip or best friend’s wedding. Not that I’ve ever done that.

(That’s not a printing error—I just choose not to share my phone number with the potential creepers of the blog-reading world.)

To give you an idea of just how tiny and ADORABLE these cards are, a roll of film for comparison. Perhaps not the best object to use since, like, what is film again, anyway? But seriously, the CUTENESS. I want to squeeze them. And stare at them, always.

The best part was that MOO even covered the shipping charges. Which, ya know, they SHOULD, ’cause I’d just rather not. But I assumed they wouldn’t, because even when something’s “free,” it’s not totally free, ya know? But these were. And I haven’t been paid to tell you how awesome they are (though I welcome the opportunity). Unless you count minicards as a form of payment. In which case, full disclosure: I was paid in the form of 200 minicards. Which are, if I haven’t already mentioned, awesome.

I guess this means I’ll have to socialize and network more often. Hooray for new ways to promote the blog! I can’t wait to dazzle strangers with my beautiful array of mini works of art. My pictures look dang good shrunken down on fancy paper. Luckily, so does my face.