You are enough

Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself"

You ever feel like you miss the mark? Like you’re not smart, talented, likable, insert-your-own-adjective-here enough?

If you’re thinking “hell yes,” you’re human. If you’re thinking “no, never,” you’re lying.

Insecurity doesn’t discriminate—we’ve all been graced by its looming presence. For some it’s uncommon, but when it hits… it hits like a train. For others, it ebbs and flows in waves—tolerable, but annoying at best. For others still, it’s a constant. It’s almost unfair how some people seem wired to be in a ongoing state of self-doubt.

No matter which category you fall under, it’s worth hearing:

You are enough.

Right now. As you are. Where you are. You are enough.

You are everything you need. No one can take that away from you. And you certainly don’t need anyone else to to fill a void.

You contain multitudes.

You know that Walt Whitman poem, “Song of Myself”? That one line: “I am large, I contain multitudes.” It’s one of the most oft-quoted lines of the poem. (And that is one long poem.) It’s so simple yet so all-encompassing. And it resonates with us because it’s so damn true. If we contain multitudes, then we have the capacity to love ourselves and others. So what if those multitudes are messy and complicated? All the best artists’, geniuses’ and mavericks’ were.

So work with what you’ve got. If you’re on a path to self-improvement, start with what you have. Don’t wait for enlightenment or someone else to show you the way.

You have as much power as you give yourself. And you deserve a lot.