Through the Lens: photos from October


November already? Who signed off on this?

Oh hello, I’m back! Grad school is crazy lately (crazier, rather), but I’m back to this space because I’ve missed it so. It’s hard to step away from the blog, but, you know, priorities. On that note, I’m accepting guest posts to help keep things active around here. I’m particularly interested in posts about travel, feminism, careers and writing. Have an idea? Send it my way!

A little update on life here in L.A.: we’re having fall-like weather (that means highs in the 70s), and I’m already signing up for my final semester of grad school courses. Unreal.

Despite the madness, I still managed to shut the computer and get out for some exploration. (Again, priorities.) Check out these photos from October.

sunken-city-golden sunken-city-below sunken-city-art

Have you ever heard of Sunken City? Pictured above is the coastal section of land in San Pedro that in 1929 began sliding away from the coast, taking the road and even a couple of houses with it. Now, it’s a hangout spot for teenagers, graffiti artists and tourists (like us) who enjoy a little harmless trespassing. (Sunken City is blocked off with a fence that has a nice person-sized hole dug underneath to climb through.) It’s a fascinating mix of beautiful ocean views, impressive art and eerie ruins.


Below, behold: Corg-a-palooza at the Huntington dog beach. ‘Nuff said.

corgis-playing corgi-legs corgi-beach corgi-puppy corgi-collage corgi-resting

I died a little. And no, I sadly did not walk away with a corgi. But there were plenty of corgi enthusiasts just like me who were there simply to be spectators. Adorable.

Then, a little more South Bay and beyond exploration, and a hike around Griffith Park to Batman’s original bat cave!

bell-sunset friendship-bell Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We kept Halloween local and casual, heading over to a couple of our favorite neighborhood bars.

What did you get into for Halloween? And what are you looking forward to most in November? (It’s finally almost time for the most delicious holiday of the year!)


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Through the lens: photos from March


March was a lot like the photos below—busy, colorful and all over the place.

Anybody else feel the same? This month certainly had its highlights (a trip to San Diego, gorgeous weather as usual, etc.), but I never did feel like I had time to breathe. Every time I accomplished one small task, five more would pile on top of me. And because I expect more of the same from April as my second semester of grad school begins wrapping up, I’m trying to adjust my mindset and power on through. I can do this.

Despite the insanity, there were a lot of bright moments of I’m so glad I’m here. School might make me crazy sometimes, but I’ve never once doubted that this is the place for me right now. The following photos capture those bright moments perfectly.

fire escape


DTLA art

phone booth

heart Los Angeles

The above photos were all taken in DTLA, which I’ve explored a fair amount lately for writing assignments. Ask an Angeleno about the area, and you’re likely to get mixed reviews. (If you’re not familiar with L.A., downtown is NOT Hollywood—they’re a few miles apart.) The other day I Instagrammed a photo of a corner downtown, explaining how I’d fallen a little in love with that part of the city. Rachel commented on the photo and summed up my feelings exactly: “DTLA either creeps me out, bores me, or makes me fall in love with it, depending on the area/day.” But in this particular area on this particular day, I was smitten.

Below, a walking tour of the antique shops and street art in Silver Lake:

Sunset Blvd. Silver Lake

Sunset Blvd. signs

Living Room furniture

antique shopping in Silver Lake

Micheltorena Flea Market

street art

Silver Lake street art

Silver Lake home

A dog chilling on his Silver Lake balcony above and a long hike in Griffith Park below.

Griffith Park hike

Dan's Burgers San Diego

San Diego sunset

And a couple more memories from San Diego above.

The days, weeks and months might be feeling overwhelming lately, but if the photos above can teach me anything, it’s to live for the little bright moments. And when I stop and look back, I realize that there are a whole lot of them.

What were your favorite moments from March? What are you looking forward to in April?

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Through the Lens: photos from January

month in photos: January

How can it almost be February when I moved to California just yesterday?!

That’s how it feels, anyway. Hard to believe John and I are almost halfway through the lease on our apartment when we’re still working on getting art on the walls. It’s funny, though—Los Angeles feels so familiar in a lot of ways that it’s almost as though I’ve lived here longer. The landscape suits me. The weather definitely suits me. The traffic, um, not so much. But there’s so damn much to discover here that it’s impossible to be bored.

Fairfax records sign

The beginning of 2014 was especially significant considering it was the first time I rang in the New Year in L.A. This year will be the first of which the entirety I’ll spend here in the Golden State. To mark the end of a very good month, here are a few of my favorite photos from January:
Cassie PatonJesús Rafael Soto LACMAJesús Rafael Soto LACMAChris Burden LACMALACMA trophiesLACMAAgnès Varda LACMALACMA

haze in LA

Michael Heizer LACMApinhole camera

The above photo is a long-exposure image of a pinhole camera projected onto a big screen. From inside a small, dark room at the LACMA, we could see Fairfax Avenue with fuzzy people and cars going by.

And for more epitome-of-Los-Angeles photos, the beach in winter:
Venice Beach rocksVenice Beach rocksVenice Beach rocksVenice Beach

I’ve been playing around with Lightroom lately, resulting in the above filtered photo. Clearly enhanced, but I like it. Appropriate for the somewhat-misplaced and yet so-very-Venice graffiti.

Silver Lake discopalm tree shadowCassie and John


January was a good month. I made the most of my winter break working on creative projects both online and around the apartment. (I even busted out some gold spray paint!) John and I had the chance to check out a few new-to-us spots in our neighborhood. And I began an intense semester of school that I’m really looking forward to.

February, I think, will be even better. I’m getting more involved with Neon Tommy, I’ve got several writing projects in the works, and John and I will be making a trip to San Francisco and Palo Alto to visit his sister and our favorite West Coast bartender. Lots to look forward to.

How about you? What are you looking forward to in February? (It’s a short month, so no time to waste!)