Through the Lens: photos from October

Month in photos - October

The last time I did a photo roundup, I was gearing up to leave for L.A., so I figured it was time to bring back my favorite monthly post. Sadly, I haven’t taken any film photos in a while simply because of the high costs, but I’d like to come up with a specific project to break out the analog again. I took a ton of digital shots in October, though, so here are a few that didn’t already make it onto the blog:

Witty Title Here stamp Cassie and John tree roots pumpkins flower palm tree old door tiled stairs berries sticker stop sign chalkboard brewery art building Griffith Park El Rey theatre The Dodos palm trees at dusk Halloween

Notice how Witty Title Here got its very own stamp? Guess who’s going to be making her mark all over town. (But nowhere illegal, wink wink.) Coolest birthday present ever. Other highlights from October include two concerts at the gorgeous El Rey Theatre, lots of walks in the ‘hood, and a Halloween celebration at a Jurassic Park-themed haunted house. This weekend, John and I are headed to the coast for a much-anticipated camping trip. I’m SO excited to spend a couple of days away from the computer and fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean. (We’re actually camping ON the beach!) November is promising to be yet another busy month, but I’m already thinking about the different stuffing recipes I want to try out. What are you looking forward to this month?

Proof of survival

You’re probably wondering what happened to Cassie on her camping trip. Was she eaten alive by bugs? Was she eaten alive by bears? Why is she writing in the third person? Something must’ve gone wrong.

No, my friends– all is well. In fact, camping might be my new favorite pasttime. I slept well in our cozy tent, managed to rescue a frightened young boy from a locked bathroom, and ended the trip by spending too much money on clothes for my new internship at Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts. More on that later.

For now, some visual content for those of you curious to see just what went on during my camping trip with John to Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware. I believe the pictures speak for themselves, creating a lovely play-by-play of our long adventures spent outdoors. Imagine your favorite summer music playing in the background to create the perfect montage:

tent living

traveling lightly on bike

underground bunkers

one of many lookout towers

sexy Chiquita blowing in the wind

excuse me, I believe your house is drowning in sand

sunset on the dunes

John likes to wink at cameras

I’m already getting excited for our next camping getaway sometime in the fall, which, amazingly enough, is not that far away. I’d be more bummed about the fact that summer’s end is in sight, but there’s just too much to look forward to in the coming months. And I say that without a hint of sarcasm.

My dad’s first child was eaten by a bear…

But that hasn’t stopped me from planning my first ever camping trip! Okay, I lied. My dad’s first child was not eaten by a bear. He has no other children besides me, and clearly I haven’t been eaten by a bear. So, life is looking good. When my dad told me this as a small child, however, I was really concerned. I mean, my God, if he had been so careless to let his first daughter die via bear, what did that say about his parenting abilities? After many other tall tales of him getting sucked down the drain and having multiple personalities depending on which hat he wore, I later realized that this was likely a fictional story, as well, intended to possibly scar me for life.

Despite all of this, my father and I have a lovely relationship.

BUT, that is not the point. The point is, starting tomorrow, I will be an official camper, tent and all. John and I are packing up the car and spending a couple of nights in Henlopen State Park, located on a nice and somewhat remote beach in Delaware. From there, we’ll move onto Ocean City, Maryland and enjoy some beach time before reality sets in and it’s time for school. (Oh, how I wish back-to-school shopping was still a part of my life.)

Now, for those of you that know me, roughing it in the outdoors has never been my “thing.” That’s putting it fairly lightly, as I’m sure my mom would burst into laughter reading that sentence. It’s not that I don’t like spending time outdoors, it’s just that I’m allergic to all things living and green, and I like to look cute. In other words: not be sweaty. Luckily, John will still like me, even if my face has more condensation than a malfunctioning air conditioning unit.

As I sit here at my computer, though, I am avoiding what’s most important– packing. Second most important is that I don’t overpack. But I figure if I could fit everything I needed for a week in California this past March into a carry-on bag, I can certainly handle this. Still, it’s good to list the essentials. Here we go.

Items to Bring for Camping to Ensure Sanity, Health, and Possibly Some Level of Attractiveness:

Numero uno, and I can’t stress this enough: bug spray. You do not understand my life as an apparently sweet-blooded human being. Bugs love me more than the light of a bug-zapping lantern. They come from the depths of the swamps in search of my sweet, sweet blood, and my blood only. I guess this means I should be on the look-out for Edward Cullen, because even when I’m outside at night with a group of people, I am the only one who gets eaten alive. We’re talking ten bug bites in five minutes. So, I’ve got my Burt’s Bees herbal insect repellant on duty. Let’s see if it’s industrial strength enough to protect this flesh from total mutilation.

Two: sustenance. Our diet for two days will consist of grilled cheese, Nature Valley granola bars (totally camper-friendly—they have pictures of nature on them), and Spaghetti-os. Be jealous. I’m guessing, if you grew up in the same decade I did, that you have not had Spaghetti-os since 1998 or so. Well, why the heck not? They’re just as good as they’ve always been, and you are never too old to enjoy Spaghetti-os. Or Dunkaroos, for that matter. Ahhh, Dunkaroos…

Three: shaving cream. This should be interesting. I have no idea what the shower situation is like. Freezing water? Unreliable water pressure? Free-for-all mens’ locker room style without privacy? I don’t know, but these legs gotta stay smooth. This is beach camping, not mountain camping. There will be bathing suits. I don’t want to be brushing my legs off, thinking they’re sandy, only to find out… they’re not.

Four: bottle opener. ‘Nuff said.

Five: hardcore allergy medication. I’ve already mentioned that I’m allergic to life itself. I am useless when my allergies are raging, and I don’t want to have tissues shoved up my nose the whole time.

Despite these possible setbacks, I am not worried. I’m excited to have one last getaway with The Dude before chaos sets in and I’m back to the daily grind. I plan on getting a little bit of sun, singing campfire songs, and making friends with cute little chipmunks. Hopefully, no bears. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

John: King of the redwoods