Through the Lens: Photos from November

month in photos: November

Point Mugu beach

It’s always surreal when November transitions into December and the holiday craze kicks into high gear.

It’s especially strange when it’s 72 degrees and sunny. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I was grinning ear to ear when we kicked off November by camping on the beach (see above). Likewise when we wished it farewell on the beach (see last photo).

There were a lot of highlights for me this month. I stepped out of my comfort zone and produced a story for broadcast I was proud of, I had some revelations about money, and I explored more of my new city that I love so dearly. Here are a few of my favorite photos from November:

garden Griffith Park Griffith Park downtown Los Angeles Hollywood sign Griffith Park Griffith Park Observatory Griffith Park

Griffith Park is one of my favorite spots in L.A. I’d been a few times, but never on such a clear day. I didn’t know you could see all the way to Santa Monica (and the ocean!) from the Observatory. John and I hiked around here for a while and soaked up the sun.

We also revisited the old brewery downtown where hundreds of artists-in-residence dwell. We walked by one guy’s studio that was wide open. We stood there peeking in long enough that the artist, Sean Sobczak, welcomed us in and lit everything up:

Sean Sobczak

Brewery Art Walk

We partied afterward in a warehouse. This is the bathroom. I didn’t use it… I just wanted a photo.

DTLA warehouse

double exposure

Last week, we saw Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy from Anchorman at The Grove signing books. We got there just a few minutes before he arrived, and he walked right past us. I could’ve reached out and touched him. (I really wanted the chance to tell him I was the next Veronica Corningstone, but alas, the book signing line was too insanely long.)

Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy

Thanksgiving was truly the highlight of the month. John and I celebrated, just the two of us. Neither one of us had ever cooked a Thanksgiving dinner before, but damn did we make ourselves proud. It made missing our families back home a little easier. (And now we know we’re totally capable of hosting it ourselves!)

candlelight Thanksgiving meal

Since then, I’ve been making the most of my Thanksgiving break. It’s so incredibly nice to have time off from the pressures of school. Yesterday, we headed out to Venice Beach and spent the afternoon strolling the boardwalk, people-watching, and sitting out in the sun. We even changed into our workout clothes and went for a run on the beach and through the canals.

Venice building Venice Venice beach

Of course, next week it immediately kicks back into crazy time at school for me, but there are really only a couple more weeks of that before winter break, if you can believe it. (I can’t.) Next week is the last week of classes before final projects are due, so wish me luck!

There’s so much to look forward to in December, I don’t know where to begin. But seeing family and friends when we go back home for Christmas is at the top of my list.

How about you? What did you love about November? And what are you looking forward to in December?

Through the Lens: photos from October

Month in photos - October

The last time I did a photo roundup, I was gearing up to leave for L.A., so I figured it was time to bring back my favorite monthly post. Sadly, I haven’t taken any film photos in a while simply because of the high costs, but I’d like to come up with a specific project to break out the analog again. I took a ton of digital shots in October, though, so here are a few that didn’t already make it onto the blog:

Witty Title Here stamp Cassie and John tree roots pumpkins flower palm tree old door tiled stairs berries sticker stop sign chalkboard brewery art building Griffith Park El Rey theatre The Dodos palm trees at dusk Halloween

Notice how Witty Title Here got its very own stamp? Guess who’s going to be making her mark all over town. (But nowhere illegal, wink wink.) Coolest birthday present ever. Other highlights from October include two concerts at the gorgeous El Rey Theatre, lots of walks in the ‘hood, and a Halloween celebration at a Jurassic Park-themed haunted house. This weekend, John and I are headed to the coast for a much-anticipated camping trip. I’m SO excited to spend a couple of days away from the computer and fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean. (We’re actually camping ON the beach!) November is promising to be yet another busy month, but I’m already thinking about the different stuffing recipes I want to try out. What are you looking forward to this month?

Through the lens: photos from June


Today marks my first official day as an unemployed, soon-to-be California-bound chick, and where am I spending it? On the beaches of the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Now that it’s July, I only have a couple of weeks to go until John and I head west, so I’m squeezing in one last family vacation. As anxious as I’ve been over packing and logistics, it’s nice to get away for a little while and let relaxation wash over me.

June can be summed up in a word: anticipation. For obvious reasons. But this week of vacation will be a much-needed reminder to enjoy the moment I’m in. Here’s a look back at some of my favorite moments from June:

DSC_0420 DSC_0415 DSC_0427DSC_0410 DSC_0456

My youngest sister graduated from elementary school, and her friend had a graduation party at the beautiful house above. I also took her portraits:

DSC_0362 DSC_0370 DSC_0368

…and then this happened.

As I was stargazing one night, I decided to try my hand at experimenting with long exposure shots. I love how dark and moody these two came out:

DSC_0469 DSC_0466

And I visited McKenzie on her farm again. The below photos weren’t taken with my usual film camera (ole Minolta!), but a Pentax K1000 my aunt gave to me along with FOUR lenses. I’m using my favorite, the wide angle lens below:

paton37-R1-013-5paton37-R1-015-6 paton37-R1-017-7 paton37-R1-021-9 paton37-R1-025-11 paton37-R1-027-12 paton37-R1-033-15 paton37-R1-035-16 paton37-R1-037-17 paton37-R1-046-21A paton37-R1-050-23A

…and there were bundles of kittens.


And of course, more exploring Baltimore:




So aside from this week’s vacation, I have more packing, a road trip to California, finding a place to live, and finding a job to look forward to. (And, oh yeah, can’t forget that wisdom teeth removal surgery.) What do you have going on this month? Happy July!