2nd Annual Girly Fun Time – Pittsburgh Edition



Proof of survival

You’re probably wondering what happened to Cassie on her camping trip. Was she eaten alive by bugs? Was she eaten alive by bears? Why is she writing in the third person? Something must’ve gone wrong.

No, my friends– all is well. In fact, camping might be my new favorite pasttime. I slept well in our cozy tent, managed to rescue a frightened young boy from a locked bathroom, and ended the trip by spending too much money on clothes for my new internship at Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts. More on that later.

For now, some visual content for those of you curious to see just what went on during my camping trip with John to Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware. I believe the pictures speak for themselves, creating a lovely play-by-play of our long adventures spent outdoors. Imagine your favorite summer music playing in the background to create the perfect montage:

tent living

traveling lightly on bike

underground bunkers

one of many lookout towers

sexy Chiquita blowing in the wind

excuse me, I believe your house is drowning in sand

sunset on the dunes

John likes to wink at cameras

I’m already getting excited for our next camping getaway sometime in the fall, which, amazingly enough, is not that far away. I’d be more bummed about the fact that summer’s end is in sight, but there’s just too much to look forward to in the coming months. And I say that without a hint of sarcasm.

An attempt to document life

I recently decided I just need to start taking more photos and documenting the occasionally cool (and the sometimes seemingly mundane) things I do. This past weekend was a good opportunity to do so because it was full of all sorts of adventures. On Friday, I caught up with a few girlfriends at McKenzie and her boyfriend Jamie’s cabin for some swimming and a lot of eating.

McKenzie lives out near a beautiful Maryland reservoir (where swimming is not technically allowed, and by technically, I mean not at all), so we took a fifteen minute hike through the thick brush and woods until we reached the perfect spot on the water, rope swing and all.
Keeping my feet poison ivy-free.
This place was magical. I’m usually hesitant to get into any kind of water, but I just eased right in, the temperature was that perfect. I guess multiple consecutive weeks of 90-something to 100+ degree weather has its benefits.
We spent close to two hours swimming, swinging and generally wearing ourselves out. McKenzie even brought this delicious bowl of pasta with all kinds of locally-grown vegetables in it. At first, it seemed like an unnecessary amount, but we devoured it all. We even brought it in the water with us. Wait 30 minutes to swim after eating? HA! Eat, swim and get cramps simultaneously, I say.

The rope swing was obviously the highlight of our secret spot. I was a little apprehensive about it at first and even accidentally let myself go too soon, falling into a fairly shallow spot. Luckily, I landed feet first and immediately pushed myself off the muddy, rocky bottom. I’ve never felt cuter than when I slowly rose to and above the surface as water poured out of my eyes, nose and mouth.
Thankfully, my second attempt was a wondrous success:

The perfect balance of grace and awkwardness.
After we officially wore ourselves out, we headed back to McKenzie’s cabin and proceeded to make the four boxes of macaroni and cheese that I brought in addition to a large cake and a couple dozen cookies Rachel brought. Eventually, it turned into an impromptu party, and we had a great time with new friends.


Saturday, I went to Artscape– America’s largest free arts festival– with my dad downtown in Baltimore. We got to hear (but not exactly see) big name bands such as Gov’t Mule and Cold War Kids perform while drinking beer in the streets and checking out the wacky art and vendors.
For just a dollar, you can STAPLE your dollar to this guy!
Tree people enjoying Gov’t Mule
Afterwards, we spent the night listening to now-ancient demos and vocal tracks of the Beach Boys. (Carl Wilson was only 19 when he sang the vocals on “God Only Knows.” How’s that for making you feel unaccomplished?) It was a fun (and these days, rare) father-daughter bonding evening.
Ah, well that was fun. But now I know why I don’t always post a ton of pictures on here. Blogger makes my face want to explode while I attempt (this is the key word) to format them. That was exhausting.
Mmmm, now I’m craving some mac ‘n’ cheese.