Interweb Finds: Comedians, cookie butter & more

cookie butter

Happy Sunday! Is it spring where you live yet?

I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets and Facebook statuses about the weather finally warming up in the rest of the U.S. (I’ll resist the urge to comment on my SoCal weather… ahem), and I’m really happy to see everyone’s collective mood improve. Welcome back!

This week, my dad is in town visiting (he lived here for years), so we’re spending a lot of time together with good food and strong drinks, and I’m just a little more than three weeks away from being done with my first year of grad school. Needless to say, things are crazy—in a good way.

Now, the interweb finds you came for!

My latest vlog is all about my obsession with Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. What is cookie butter, you ask? Prepare to have your life changed.

Why Sarah Silverman, the comedian, and Susan Silverman, the rabbi, are the perfect sisters:

“’I suppose […] our lives seem at the surface to be so polar opposite,’ Sarah says. ‘But the truth is we both kinda preach; and we both take in our surroundings and try to mirror it.’”

I’m really into plants these days and have been itching to fill our apartment with more of them. This DIY plant stand is perfect for a tiny space.

Breathtaking beach art. So cool.

I recently discovered Amy’s blog and now want to try ALL THE RECIPES. Baked avocado rolls or orange chicken, anyone?

This is beautiful: What Americans will look like in 2050.

While I would’ve loved to see a woman or person of color take over for David Letterman, I’ve gotta say I think Stephen Colbert was a great choice. This essay about how we’re losing a great character in Colbert’s satirical alter ego really nailed what a lot of fans of Colbert Report are thinking. (If you want to see his genuine side, watch this touching tribute to his mother after she died. Tears!)


That’s all of the web finds for this week!

Keep an eye out for a fantastic guest post about all the ways you need to slow down right now.

Interweb Finds: Curing the computer hunch, mouthwatering recipes & more

Cassie Paton

New Year, new hair, new headshots for Witty Title Here


How was everyone’s weekend? Did it go by as fast as mine did?

Friday night, I had the chance to meet two blogger friends in real life, both of whom have guest blogged for me in the past. Ashley of Your Super Awesome Life and Ashley of Ashley Riordan were in town, so we met up at the Black Cat here in Silver Lake, just down the street from me. They were super sweet, smart and fun. Yesterday, John and I took advantage of the free museum day to check out the LACMA… and so did everyone else in the city, apparently! All that looking at art and dodging strangers with cameras made us hungry, so we checked out The Golden State and got ourselves some delicious burgers with applewood bacon and fresh buttery buns, jalapeño cabbage slaw, and french fries with curry ketchup. (Yeah. It was awesome.)

Unfortunately, I also woke up to the news that there had been a shooting at the mall in my hometown, Columbia, Maryland. Three people including the shooter were killed. This is not the kind of thing you’d expect to happen in Columbia. The town is about as bland, suburban and—usually—safe as it could be. I worked in that mall for about three years back in high school. The two people killed were close to my age—people I could’ve gone to school with. One was a mother. The whole thing is just sad. I was almost ever-so-slightly desensitized to these senseless shootings—until one happened where I’m from. I’m sending my thoughts back home.

Here’s what you came for—the interweb finds of the week:

If you’re like me and spend most of your waking hours in front of a computer, you might want to try this exercise. Very effective at curing the feeling that you’re becoming a hunchback.

I’m obsessed with these magical photos taken on one family’s farm. This is exactly what you imagine when you fantasize about growing up surrounded by animals and nature.

Pictures of cats sneezing. Nothing else needs to be said here.

Why the grammar police are bad writers. (I’m a grammar fanatic—but I agree that the practice of smugly correcting people’s grammar online is obnoxious.)

You ready for four amazing new recipes to try? Quinoa stuffed bell peppers. Indian chickpeas and kale with rice. Skillet lasagna. Quinoa cauliflower bowl with almond sriracha sauce. You’re welcome.

I’m thinking Tallulah Bankhead—a wild and witty actress from the flapper era—will be my next girl crush after I read this book:

“Tallulah found herself hailed as one of the wits of Manhattan, and she worked hard to make sure the reputation stuck. In private, she could still be assailed by childish terrors and weep in her dressing room from stage fright, but in public she could launch herself into a room with a stream of slick, rude and seemingly spontaneous one-liners: ‘I’m as pure as the driven slush,’ she would remark, tossing back her hair whilst taking a calculated drag on her cigarette. ‘I don’t give a fuck what people say about me so long as they say something.’”

This gothic industrial loft isn’t really my style. And yet I’m drawn to so many aspects of it—like the spiral staircase, the dark hardwood, the long bookshelves and the tall, arched windows. Absolutely gorgeous.

And that’s all from me today. I’ll have some fun photos taken around Los Angeles to share later this week. Have a good start to yours!


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