Feminist to Follow: Augusta Gail

The blog world could use more feminists like Augusta Gail.

The self-described grrl power princess is a Southerner who moved to Hollywood to pursue her writerly dreams, and Augusta’s blog of the same name is where she talks honestly and openly about her experiences of embracing herself through feminism. That’s why she’s this month’s featured Feminist to Follow.

Feminist to Follow: Augusta Gail

photo by Aurora Lady

Why do we need more bloggers like Augusta? She’s not afraid to get personal, and she’s not afraid to talk about the taboo. She curses and she’s open about her flaws, yet she can drive a point home and will make you love yourself more in the process. I admire her spitfire spirit, and I think you will, too.

Here’s Augusta in her own words:

“I wasn’t always a very good feminist; in fact, I spent much of my high school and college years completely disregarding the idea of feminism. It wasn’t until my life – and my self-esteem – hit rock bottom that I truly discovered, and embraced, feminism.

As a writer, I immediately realized that I wanted to combine my love for writing with my love of grrrl power, and create a place where girls (and guys) could find inspiration, reassurance, and share their stories. Writing about feminism is important to me because I want women to know that they’re so much more than a stereotype, or a dress size, or something to be stared at. It’s important because, every day, a teenage girl makes herself miserable trying to look a certain way and appeal to certain people. I want to encourage girls to embrace self-love and self-confidence. It’s important because, every night, women walk across parking lots with their keys clenched between their fingers, expecting to have to protect themselves.

I want to help create a world where there is no rape or violence against women – a world where yes means yes and consent is given the utmost of importance. I write about feminism in the hopes that people will join the fight for women’s rights and equality. I write about feminism because it truly changed my life, and I’m so incredibly proud to be a feminist!”

Some must-read posts from Augusta Gail:

The Story of My Selfie – On reclaiming confidence and self-love with selfies.
Feminism is SexyCan you wear sexy clothes and still be a feminist? (Yes. Here’s why.)
The Magic of Menstruation“If the thought of lady bits bleeding freaks you out, well then, you should probably keep reading.  Because, let’s be honest, you need to get over it.” ‘Nuff said.


Make sure you check out Augusta’s blog for every more great posts. (And if you missed the first installment of Feminist to Follow, meet Kate from Clear the Way here.) 

Who are some of your favorite feminist bloggers?

Can you name 10 things you like about yourself?

Life’s most challenging moments aren’t always the big, life-changing ones. Often, they’re the little, annoying moments that can chip away at you.

And sometimes, that means your self-confidence takes a hit. Things like work, school, parenthood and just dealing with everyday minutia can shake up anyone’s confidence, and it’s easy to forget about one very important thing: self-love.

Which is why, when I saw several of my favorite bloggers joining in on a blog link-up about self-love, I knew I had to jump in. Balancing school and home life has been a challenge lately, so a reminder of what I love about myself is just what I needed. You too? Join me in coming up with at least ten things you like about yourself.


Here are my top ten favorite things about myself:

I have a good sense for what’s fair and just. It’s one of a Libra’s best traits. Maybe I should’ve been a lawyer?

I embrace my weirdness. I’ve learned that everything that makes you different, quirky or unusual is awesome and should be celebrated accordingly.

I’m a good girlfriend. I’m thoughtful, caring & loving… and he knows it. (And I know he knows it because he tells me.)

I take care of my body. I exercise. I stay hydrated. I eat well (for the most part). I don’t make excuses when I fall behind on upkeep.

I have excellent taste. In clothes, decor, food, music, books, blogs and people. It’s not everyone’s taste, but it’s mine and I love it.

I’m a talented writer. No point in feigning modesty. I’m good at writing because I come back to it every single day, and I aim for perfection every time.

I strive for the future. With every decision I make, I think about what it will mean for the long-term. I’m making important life and career choices that will hopefully result in nothing but positive things.

I live in the moment. While I’m always striving for the future, I also know how to forget about the things I’m stressing over and appreciate what I have here and now. It’s a good skill to hone.

I’m not afraid to take risks. If moving across the country to go to school for journalism isn’t a risk, I don’t know what is.

I’ve come a long way with being confident. And I’m gaining more confidence in myself every day.


Ah, that feels good. Now it’s your turn—what do you like about yourself?

Join the link-up at Avoiding Atrophy!

On Valentine’s Day, show some self-love

self love

I’m going to make a political statement here: I like Valentine’s Day.

Big surprise—I have a built-in date with my boyfriend, with whom I also happen to be celebrating my five-year anniversary today. (Our first date was the week before V-Day, so we conveniently made it an official, easy-to-remember anniversary date.)

But honestly, even when I was single, I always enjoyed Valentine’s Day. It’s an excuse to wear bright red lipstick, eat cupcakes and tell someone you like—either romantically or not—that you think they’re pretty cool.

And whether you’re single, taken, or too busy dominating the world for labels, Valentine’s Day is also the perfect excuse to show a little self-love. That goes for all of you who would rather skip over this holiday entirely, too.

How can you show some self-love today?

Get some exercise. Today, I plan on either going for a nice hilly run or trying out the yoga studio up the street. (I bought a Groupon for 16 yoga classes for $55!) Get a little sweat going, and you’ll feel happy for the rest of the day.

Try something new. Take the scenic route home. Check out the coffee place that just opened down the street. Cook a new recipe you’ve been meaning to try. Spark your adventurous side.

Give yourself permission to veg. Hey, it’s Friday. It’s been a long week, amiright? Put on the sweatpants. Eat the Valentine’s Day candy. Binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix. Even if you have a dinner date planned, I recommend following it with this.

Treat yourself. To a book. A fresh basil plant. A new shade of nail polish. A bottle of wine (or two).

Stay off Facebook. Or don’t. But if you do log on, “like” a few mushy statuses like the generous person you are. Otherwise, no complaints when you come across those “best boyfriend everrrrr, no wait, I mean FIANCE! WE’RE ENGAGED!!! LOVE YOU POOKIE” statuses. Either stay offline completely or be happy for someone else’s (slightly obnoxious) love.

I’m taking a poll: Do you love or hate Valentine’s Day? What do you have planned? Finally—how are you gonna show some self-love today?