I tweet, therefore I am.

Several months ago, I deleted my personal Twitter account because I felt it was one too many social networking site that was wasting my precious time, and I knew nobody cared what I thought about Adam Lambert unjustly getting voted runner-up on American Idol. Twitter felt like nothing more than a collection of Facebook statuses, and I didn’t need to have two separate accounts online to update in the same vein. So, smartly, I deleted my Twitter account.

Today, however, I find myself on Twitter multiple times a day, browsing news links and videos, wondering what I can comment on for my own updates. Yes, I have rejoined The Twitter, and yes, it has everything to do with me being unemployed.

Though a timesuck for sure, I based my decision to rejoin the world of tweets on the fact that I have nothing better to do than try and network with fellow bloggers, potential employers and whatever stores want to offer me¬†hefty discounts¬†on products I don’t need. Win-win-win, in my opinion. I also get minutely updates on world news that doesn’t require more than 140 characters’ worth of comprehension. Who needs to know WHY Obama recently gave a speech in Arizona?! Just knowing that he did is good enough.

Twitter was atwitter today (now yesterday) of the news that January 17th was the most depressing day of the year. Or The Most Depressing Day of the Year– that looks more doom-ish. In any case, I think someone messed up. Deeming Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day The Most Depressing Day of the Year? #whoopssorrydrking

Man, I’ve already got my hashtag labels DOWN. Twitter, here I come.