Full-time in no time

Last week, I started an editorial internship with Urbanite magazine— a popular, Baltimore-specific magazine which, amazingly, is free. I didn’t even think twice when I saw on Facebook that they were looking for someone, and I immediately sent them my resum√© and clips. On a Friday, I got a call. By the following Monday, I was interviewed and hired on the spot. Resum√© updated.

The February issue of Urbanite. Pick one up.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m still at my current job in publishing/advertising. But I’m also still part-time, and I uncharacteristically decided I didn’t have enough to keep me busy. So now you’re looking at a girl who’s working full-time on a part-time salary.

Before you get jealous at the thought of that, I’ll have you know it’s been totally worth it so far. Though it all happened so fast– it wasn’t until later that I realized I’d be commuting to and from the city five days a week AFTER work– I dived right in at Urbanite and am already feeling comfortable there doing what I do best: writing, editing, and researching. Ahhhh.

The atmosphere there doesn’t hurt, either. I love that it’s in an old, converted mill. I love that it’s small and intimate, with nice people. I love that there are several dogs walking around the office, occasionally sniffing at my feet. You mean this is how I get to spend a couple of hours every day? I can deal with the extra time spent on I-83.

Now I’m getting to see all sides of the publishing world, which is something I’m pretty passionate about. The job I’ve had as a Traffic Coordinator closer to home in the county is more on the administrative side, and it’s more closely related to advertising and that whole collecting and organizing aspect. I work with the sales team, I work with the marketing team, and I also occasionally get to work with the design team, too. I’m an Honorary Arty, in fact. They even gave me a sparkly crown.

Urbanite complements all that quite nicely. I feel like I’m honing in on what it is I want to be doing and what I will be doing in years to come. Sometimes I worry about the decline of print publications. Probably not as much as other people worry about it, but I do consider it. But the fact is, there will always be a market for magazines in one form or another. I will be a part of that ever-changing world. I’m also looking at graduate programs for nonfiction and journalism, many of them in California. (Shhh.) I have a copy of the offical GRE study guide. I’ve looked at it. The math upsets me.

But I can do this. I continue to surprise myself with the ambition I have given my tendency of being lazy, of which we are all aware by now. So hopefully I’ll keep on this surprising trend. For now, me and my not-so-fuel-efficient Bertha will do a little extra trekking and await the rewards that will hopefully come on the back-end of this extra effort. It’s my damn future, after all.