Interweb Finds: Killer confidence, the music of trees & more


A monster avocado from the tree outside our window.

What was your favorite thing you did this week?

Mine was that I followed my own advice from my blog post earlier this week and removed myself from the computer. After meeting two of my good friends from school for an early brunch at KTCHN DTLA yesterday (so good), I realized it was absolutely gorgeous outside and that it would be sinful not to take advantage of the weather. So I changed into a pretty dress, and John and I went for a long walk along Sunset Boulevard, window shopping along the way. By the time we got home, my feet were pretty sore and I didn’t even mind. It was just what I needed.

Here are my latest favorite interweb finds:

I wrote a guest post for the lovely and talented Latrina at Of Trees and Hues about moving to California and thriving while taking big leaps.

More advice on writing an ebook that sells.

The Scar Project by photographer David Jay is one of the most moving projects I’ve come across in a long time. These (NSFW) photos depict young women who have battled breast cancer and bravely bare their scars to the camera. There’s such a range of emotions in each of these women’s faces, and I was brought to tears more than once.

Geeky and genius. A recreation of the Jurassic Park computer system.

If trees could sing, what would they sound like? This awesome video shows how tree rings were interpreted as musical notes and then played on a record player.

Whether you’re struggling with your self-image, feeling a little helpless or just having a rough week, Claire’s free guide to killer confidence is a thoughtful, helpful and loving resource to get back on track.

I love this idea: micro cottages for the homeless.

That’s all for today! What are you looking forward to in the next week? Me—spring break is right around the corner.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these links! And I absolutely agree that yesterday was just beautiful outside! 🙂 I cannot wait for more days like that

  2. Oh how badly I would love to live in Cali, just for avocado trees! Yesterday happened to be gorgeous on the East Coast here as well, temps in the 50s for what seems like the first time in FOREVER. It was the best. Glad you unplugged and enjoyed the sunshine. Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. These are some inspirational links. I loved your post on Of Trees and Hues. That’s how I came to your site after all. Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. There were some really lovely and inspiring links here, but… JURASSIC SYSTEMS. Yesssssss. That is so awesome. I love the internet.

  5. Thanks for sharing my post Cassie! I’m having major avocado envy right now – we won’t get good ones in MI for months!

  6. First of all, pass that avocado because they’re my favorite and it looks absolutely delicious. 😀 Those microhouses look amazing – what a great concept for those whom are homeless! Great links Cassie, especially that Jurassic Park computer system hahaha taking it back! Have a great one -Iva

  7. I have to admit that I visited every link that you mentioned, and it was hard for me to choose a favorite one. But if I did, it would probably be the one about the micro cottages for the homeless. I love the idea for several reasons – the two main ones being that I was homeless and that they are very cute. Seriously, have you ever googled micro house plans? Practically every house plan site has a set of them. 😀

  8. I love that Ok Go video, such a fantastic idea. And stop, summer camp for adults? I used to dream of going to camp as a teenager (only US camps would do, I wouldn’t have cared if there were any in the UK!) thanks to watching many many eps of ‘Bug Juice’ one Summer! For more visit gitarre lernen für anfänger.

  9. You had me at penguins! Love those little flightless birds. Kids are naturally drawn to them. My students would love learning more about them. We are getting ready to learn how to research a topic and write about it. This unit would definitely help. Thanks.Pedal Harp

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